How Queer!

Going Gay For McCain…

Some gay folk have very short political memories – or lack common sense!

Three days after John McCain used dirty tricks to scare up some homophobic votes, The New York Sun reports that a number of Giuliani’s former gays are turning to John McCain. Said New York’s former Log Cabin leader Scott Musch, “A lot of people are getting behind McCain, especially with the endorsement and Giuliani going behind McCain as well.” We suppose the news shouldn’t surprise us. The Log Cabin Republicans did recently defend McCain’s gay-baiting, writing: “The attacks on Sen. John McCain by the gay Left are completely out-of-bounds and don’t reflect the facts.” The facts? You want to talk about facts? Here’s a fact: McCain’s just as much of an opportunist as Mitt Romney. Or just as malleable, at least.

McCain once spoke out against a federal ban on gay marriage, but later aired ads advocating a discriminatory measure in Arizona, his home state. A ban may not be good for the nation, but it’s good for his home state. If McCain thinks that, then what must he think for the rest of the country? Nothing good, we’re sure. That said, we can’t help but chuckle at another Musch comment: “Romney isn’t going to get Log Cabin support at all, considering his about-face on most of the things he stood for in the Massachusetts government… He’s turned 180 degrees around.”