How Queer!

Going Gay For McCain…

Some gay folk have very short political memories – or lack common sense!

Three days after John McCain used dirty tricks to scare up some homophobic votes, The New York Sun reports that a number of Giuliani’s former gays are turning to John McCain. Said New York’s former Log Cabin leader Scott Musch, “A lot of people are getting behind McCain, especially with the endorsement and Giuliani going behind McCain as well.” We suppose the news shouldn’t surprise us. The Log Cabin Republicans did recently defend McCain’s gay-baiting, writing: “The attacks on Sen. John McCain by the gay Left are completely out-of-bounds and don’t reflect the facts.” The facts? You want to talk about facts? Here’s a fact: McCain’s just as much of an opportunist as Mitt Romney. Or just as malleable, at least.

McCain once spoke out against a federal ban on gay marriage, but later aired ads advocating a discriminatory measure in Arizona, his home state. A ban may not be good for the nation, but it’s good for his home state. If McCain thinks that, then what must he think for the rest of the country? Nothing good, we’re sure. That said, we can’t help but chuckle at another Musch comment: “Romney isn’t going to get Log Cabin support at all, considering his about-face on most of the things he stood for in the Massachusetts government… He’s turned 180 degrees around.”

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  • emb

    “A ban may not be good for the nation, but it’s good for his home state.”

    Typical states-rights nonsense from a typical rightwing nutjob. That’s the same theory that brought us Jim Crow and a basket of other atrocities that had to be corrected by federal action. Beware when republicans trot out that phrase.

    McCain poses as a “straight-talking maverick” but his voting record is only spottily out of line with his rightwing nutjob colleagues. I’d like him to be the repubican nominee, since a doddering old white guy on stage with a vicious woman or idealistic black man would be a unique contrast. Plus the only African-American likely to appeal to republican and independent voters is Colin Powell, and since McCain follows the bush line on iraq that seems highly unlikely.

  • Alan down in Florida

    The only reason I want McCain to be the Republican nominess is that, at 70 years old, he is unlikely to serve a second term if he is elected.

  • Great

    thank you for updating the site design. The precursor to this was unbearable.

  • Tim

    Alan down in Florida,

    Be careful what you wish for. At 71 years old, he could kick while still in office. Depending on his running mate, that might not be such a good thing. God know, I’d rather have George W. Bush, bumbler and idiot, than the ghastly alternative!

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Hillary will be president (to gay bloggers) because straight republicans have as much access on this egalitarian website (read: sucky juvenile losers)as McCain is the Bob Dole of this election cycle. Hillary is smart, gay-friendlier (I’m a New Yorker) than her party and the biggest threat to this “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” that props up a Republican Corpse with the aid of the anti-gay corporate media. ANSWER: Don’t Shop! Just vote Democrat whoever’s on Top because we can affect change from within a Clinton-Obama administration than a McCain-Bush-Huckabee-Rice-Romney-Giuliani-Dole-Cuntflap-asswipe GOP!

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Beware the anti-Hillary homocons as they’re fucking Rich (at least incomes of over 150K) or totally retarded and subjugated. Hating Hillary equals Hating Yo Mama for being Gay and Filthy Rich. Get over it. This country will never be Socialist, you fear-mongering, closet cock-suckers! Hillary is fiscally reponsible and socially aware. Haters create media dialogues of destruction!

  • John

    I could really go for a Hillary/Obama (or vice-versa) ticket. It’s time to get the GOP’s white male walking corpses away from the corridors of power and into a Florida retirement home. There’s only so much hypocriscy, entitlement, and smugness one can endure before becoming disillusioned with the ‘good ole boys’ club. And I’m saying this as a person who’s neither a woman nor black. I’m simply sick of the status-quo.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    I noticed the headline read “McCain grabs Giuliani Gays” Really? What, by the balls? That’s almost as preposterous as Giuliani Blacks. It takes a Clinton to Clean Up after a Bush!! Even McKane sounds like a corporate betrayer of America’s once Great standing by name if you deconstruct it. More Robber Barrons who would nail Jesus to a cross again if there was a buck to be made on the wood. Quick, paddles. Clear! McDeath!

  • mark

    Hi..I will never vote Hillary. Do you really think she gay friendly. All she wants is the gay vote. I hope the educated gays vote against her. I for John McCain. The Clintons are over.

    Remember Hillary is for Hillary not the gays.

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