Travel Down The Road And Back Again To The Golden Girls Dollhouse For Only $175!

golden-girls-house-3Thank god someone out there knows exactly what the world needs. That someone is Etsy seller EverydayMiniatures and that need is filled beautifully by an intricately-detailed miniature scale version of 6151 Richmond Street, which served as the fictional home for the greatest non-traditional sitcom family of all time — Dorothy Zbornak, Rose Nylund, Blanche Devereaux and Sophia Petrillo. The Golden Girls.

Sure, it’s a little on the expensive side, but can you really put a price on perfection? Apparently, and it’s $175. And it doesn’t even come with a lanai. But look at everything else it comes with it:

Front Entry, Furnished Living Room, Furnished Kitchen, Bedroom hall, and a cheesecake. There are plenty of Easter Eggs for the die-hard fans to find!

– Sophia’s bamboo purse in the living room
– Rose’s painting of St. Olaf from Season 5 “All Bets Off”
– Open the kitchen cabinet to find Dorothy’s bike helmet from Season 6 “There Goes the Bride”
– Blanche’s Commemorative Citrus Festival Ball Plate (glued back together) from Season 5 “Ebb Tide”
– Look for the deck of cards Rose used with Gene in Season 2 “Isn’t it Romantic?”
– Rose’s “R” Cups from Season 5 “72 Hours”
– Rose’s Teddy Bear Fernando from Season 3, “Old Friends”
– Baggie of Egg Yolks from Season 5 “Sick and Tired”
– and of course, a cheesecake from, well… almost every episode :)

Paper doll versions of the girls are also included for you to artfully re-create seven seasons of St. Olaf stories, thinly-veiled sexual innuendo and sarcastic comebacks. Originally, there was only one model available, but thanks to “popular demand” — a bunch of queens openly screaming about it — the dude/dudette behind EverydayMiniatures is making more.

May we suggest for the next mini project: a scale version of the Rusty Anchor, so we can all recreate Dorothy’s bravura performances of “What’ll I Do?” and “Hard-Hearted Hannah” while Blanche trips over herself to “I Wanna Be Loved by You.” While we’re at it, what are the odds of getting a replica of St. Olaf, Sophia’s tiny Sicilian village and that ballroom from the dance-a-thon?

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  • loua61

    A must have for every gay man. I must have seen these episodes a thousand times and I cannot remember Rose and Jean (spelled wrong in article) playing cards. I’ll have to watch it again tonight.

  • redcarpet

    Where the fuck is the Lanai??!

  • NateB79

    @loua61: It’s when Dorothy’s lesbian friend Jean came to visit and fell in love with Rose.

  • pierre

    @NateB79: And played by Lois Nettleton!

  • NateB79

    But she doesn’t look Lebanese?

  • Jessica

    Lesbian, lesbian, (squinchy face) lesbian? Why jean is an attractive woman and can have any man she wants. Why on earth would she want rose. Why isn’t she attracted to me?

    Blanche had me cracking up on this episode. Then the bed scene when Rose faked being asleep to avoid the talk with jean about he feelings-ha! Good times

  • Jessica

    I would also like the cop that blanche’s niece ran away to apartment set up like miami vice. Or the jacket micheal jackson sold at the auction complete with a lotto ticket or even stan dressed up as santa

  • loua61

    I have a question for the group. I hope I get enough responses. My straight, right wing, republic , hates Oboma and Is a homophobe to some sort if he would just admit it. Two weeks ago he said i was not a Real man. I have not spoken to his since.

    One night I went over to his house and changed the channels of the shows her was watching. Deadliest catch. a knife show, I could have died doing that and other shows on TLC, the fishing channel, some show about restaurant dives and various others just like it. I was a guest in his house and thought it was my duty to but on a re run of The Golden Girl
    He did not get mad that I changed his shows but he immediatly asked ‘Why do so many Gay men have such a love affair over that show

    I explained that first and foremost it is a story about a non traditional family, it address marriage equality, and it has 3 episodes of coming out and marriage. But mostly we can all identify with one or more of the girls. I know I can be very sarcastic and scatter brained at the same time and have words of wisdom from my past (sometimes made up}. And what gay man isn’t or wants to Blanche, with her many many,many men. Which one of us does’t want a doctor wrapping his big strong massulane arms around our tiny little waists. Who doesn’t go to a dinner party and plan to show cleavage? I may not not show cleavage but i do show something. Which one of us does’t get excited when the circus is in town and we ger to see the flying Finelli Brothers

    Am I missing something here, are there other reasons why gay men love their gils so much. I stil have every original episode on VCR tapes from NBC in New York from 1985

  • offbeatoh86

    @redcarpet: I guess you’ll have to build your own.

  • Jamie

    In many ways, “Golden Girls” was the original “Sex in the City.” Lots of similarities between the two. Both great concepts.

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