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  • Cam

    Wow, THANK GOODNESS that Logo is continuing to not show any shows with actual gay characters. That would be too shocking!

    Not that I don’t like the Golden Girls, but could LOGO maybe just stop pretending it has anything to do with being gay? When they are showing “16 and Pregnant” I’m thinking they’ve pretty much given up that label.

  • Dakotahgeo

    I think I’ve just viewed(The Golden Girls and “The Sky Is Falling”)the perfect definition and world of the Republican/TPod Parties. Always daydreaming and worrying about… nothing! What a terrific video! May it win all the awards possible!

  • Damianvargas

    I love this show still. It hasn’t really “come out of retirement” since it was on lifetime daily until the late 2000’s where it moved over to hallmarks channels. Glad it will still be on but disappointed unless its staying on hallmark as well cuz neither logo or tv land have an HD channel I’m aware of.

  • redcarpet

    They did the same thing to TechTV like 10 years ago, tried to turn it into a video game channel, G4, which was more for Bro’s than nerds. That failed and now they are trying to retool it into The Esquire channel or Maxim or one of those rags no straight guy actually reads.

    My favorite episode though was the one where they wind up at at nudist retreat and after the shock wears off they decide to finally participate, only to find out that dinner is served fully clothed.

  • jwrappaport

    @Cam: Oh psh – my gays and I love Golden Girls.

  • Ottoman

    Guessing that Logo and/or TV Land paid Queerty to hype this since Golden Girls has been on Lifetime (or WE TV, not sure) and every day on Hallmark for years.

  • Kieran

    Oh goody! What gay man doesn’t want to watch a comedy sitcom from the ’80s about four retired old ladies in Florida? What would we do without LOGO to keep the gay stereotypes alive and well in America?

  • krystina rose

    well my momma watches golden girls every night on halmark i guess logo’s tryin to get older viewers just as long as “1 girl five gays” stays as is

  • skcord

    I have been saying GG should play on Logo for years! I am so glad I won’t have to watch the edited versions they play on Hallmark. On a side note, Hallmark must be pretty prissy to feel the need to edit down Golden Girls to be more family friendly!

  • Dixie Rect

    Its been on the WE TV (women’s entertainment) channel forever. The Joan/Melissa Rivers reality show is also on that network.

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