Golly, Public Opinion Of Gays Sure Has Changed Since DOMA Passed!

I have a feeling we’re not in 1996 anymore, Toto.

That’s the year that Democratic President Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act into law. (Thanks a million, Bill!) But just 15 years later, the American public hates us a lot less! In fact, Third Way has an entire report on shifting public attitudes in favor of gay people and their legal relationships. If you’re lazy just read the chart above and smile.

Yeah, we still have a lot of work to do—but pretty cool, huh?


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    Lots of love and success United States of America :-)

  • Mike1987

    Means nothing. Anti-gay movement is strong and changing state constitutions will be exceptionally difficult. People to tend to get elected to office are ones with strong feelings and anti-gay is a successful route still to office. While I am strongly encouraged by what I see, I am also mindful of what the backlash will bring, and there will be one. It will be short-lived, but there will be one.

    As the economy sputters, we create enemies to help us avoid the realities that it was US who destroyed it. So, its Mexians and Mooooooooooslims right now with a smidge of anti-women. Next up, DA GAYS, I believe will be full on hate the gays. Perhaps the last gasp but it will hurt.

    I sound like a downer I know.

  • Hyhybt

    I love it, even if they did, in Appendix B, misspell “Athens-Clarke County.” :)

  • randy

    This is always good and welcome news. It doesn’t mean we get our rights tomorrow, but it gets us closer.

    More importantly, it means that coming out is easier than ever, and acceptance is wider. That can only be a good thing for everyone.

  • Andy

    So a third of the country believes same-sex relationships should be illegal, ie. throw them in jail?

  • Steve

    @Mike1987: I hate to sound as cynical but I agree with you, although maybe for a different reason.

    Its one thing for people to say “Yeah, gays should get married” or “Yeah, gays should adopt kids” on this anonymous polls, but its another thing entirely to actively advocate these ideas, to go out and vote on the idiot states that even hold votes, to call up their representatives and say “Listen bitch, this is how its gonna go down.” Dont get me wrong, its a wonderful feeling knowing that so many people have so quickly come to our side. But the reality is that friends and allies, at least in this fight, are two different things.

  • the crustybastard


    Yeah, that’s what I saw.

    I’d bet my house that bunch are the God-fearin’ Christians just a-burning with love, ones who don’t much cotton to that fancy book-learnin’.

    Too bad the voting requirements are no more rigorous than “reached 18th birthday.” America’s dumbfucks cancel out a way too many people who take the trouble to be sensible and well-informed.

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