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Good Bi, Mike Manning: Real World‘s Formidable Queer Marches On

Last night, on the final episode of The Real World: D.C. — the franchise’s 23rd cycle — we saw bi guy Mike Manning hit the Human Rights Campaign’s annual gala, the one where President Barack Obama gave a doozy of a speech. He got drunk the night before, fought with some cute guy at the bar who he couldn’t make out with, and scored a bloody gash on his face. Well, that about sums up the entire Gay Inc. movement right there.

Oh, we’re being terrible. It was actually a pretty decent send off for the series, one that’s exhausted almost every controversial issue (race, alcoholism, HIV) in the course of twenty three castings. We’re going to have to move on to polygamist cast members to keep things fresh.

But, aww, Mike brought his dad to the National Equality March, and doesn’t Mike just have the best parents evs?

While we wouldn’t say this season of The Real World was the most remarkable, Mike certainly made it enjoyable to watch each week. And, dare we say, we’ll miss the guy.