“Good Doc” Has Bad Gay Policy

North Carolina based Dr. Bob Crummie sure does have some crummy politics. The North Carolina State Legislature recently honored the not-so-good doctor with the not-so-exclusive “Doctor of the Day” honor: a “a volunteer position arranged by the N.C. Medical Society,” according to The Charlotte Observer.

As part of that role, doctors head to the General Assembly and offer their services, free of charge. While the duty can certainly be classified as “valiant” (rich politicans need medical treatment, too!), Crummie’s anti-gay past can be classified as “revolting”. Or, to employ Interstate Q’s adjective: “disgusting”.

Perhaps his most controversial opinions relate to gays and lesbians.

“There is no such thing as a homosexual. The Gay Movement is a hoax,” Crummie writes. “Individuals who act out homosexually are at best very neurotic and at worst psychotic. Most of them are character disorders.”

In what he describes as “one of my funniest stories,” Crummie tells how he once put a stop to homosexuality at an N.C. prison when, as superintendent, he threatened to give electric shock therapy to anyone caught in the act. With several inmates present, he demonstrated the procedure on one inmate who was severely depressed, he writes.

Oh, yeah, what a fucking side-splitter! Torture’s almost as fun as genocide!!

It sounds like Crummie and “reformed” homophobe Dr. James Holsinger would make a great comedy tour.