Goodbye, Chris

mar14_chris.jpegComplain as everyone may, Chris’ departure from American Idol is the best thing that could have happened to the show. With him gone, the fight to see who will win is interesting.

We would have respected Chris more if he had reacted with anything other than the “I’m a little shocked” routine. Why not freak out? Why not throw your arms in the air and stomp around? He was obviously convinced he had it in the bag, “a little shocked” is not enough! He could have given himself a lot of street cred had he stomped around and acted pissed. But he was voted off for the same reason he just stood there when hearing the bad news: he was boring, and it carried through right down to his final day. The world is in an uproar, of course. We will miss his big bubble butt those lovely puppy-dog eyes blinking blinking blinking away.

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  • jase

    chris stopped performing and just too confident of his fan base that he became kinda a turnoff for me. read his interview with EW and he was like “i was shocked, i didnt expect to leave anytime soon”, goodness chris. get your head out of the cloud a bit.

    yeah. the finals will be interesting indeed.

  • Jordan Stone

    Unfortunately Chris is full of himself for good reason seems his ticket home surprised alot of people, but quite a few are trying to turn it to their own advantage. He has been offered jobs from 5 different bands, one of which is Fuel.

  • Nelson

    This boy has such a huge BubbleButt. Lovely!

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