Google Banishes Anti-Gay Blog

The technological gods at Google have reached a judgement concerning anti-gay Jamaican blog, killbattyman. Under fire from gay activists and media outlets (including this one), the popular search engine and all-around phenomenon has decided to disinherit the Jamaica-based blog. Among the homophobic harangues, one could find more than a few requests for British activist Peter Tatchell‘s head.

Tatchell lauded the company’s ruling, but made sure to take a not-so-civil swipe:

Thanks to…everyone else who lobbied Google to remove this murderous website. It is good that Google has heard our concerns but bad that it took them so long to respond. If this website had been advocating the killing of black or Jewish people, I am certain that Google would have taken a much tougher stand and removed it much sooner.

For their part, Google insists they acted as fast as they could. We tend to believe them. The scandal didn’t explode until late last week, after all.

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