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  • PJ

    it does not appear if you search for gay p0rn

  • Nate

    Hmmm…I just tried it and nothing like that happened.

  • NIcholas

    It only works if you type “gay pride”

  • LVgay

    @NIcholas: that’s not true, I just searched the words gay, queer, and lgbt and it showed up for all of them

  • LandStander

    So in other words, google changes their homepage for all kinds of holidays and the dates of certain discoveries, etc. But for gay pride, they make the change -only- if someone is searching with the keyword gay? That… is stupid! They should only show me easter eggs if I make an easter related search then….(like zombie Jesus or something.)

  • Red Meat

    @LandStander: There is no official gay pride day, its gay pride month, calm your tits.

  • Steve

    It seems someone at google knows about gay pride, but is not proud enough to put a google doodle on the front page.

    This weekend, they _really_ should put a gay google doodle on the front page.
    Would that be called a “gaygle”?

    (You can see various google doodle’s that have been used in the past by searching for “google doodle” in the “images” section. Many of them are quite good.)

  • hamoboy

    Jesus some queens are never satisfied. The reason why it’s not a doodle is most probably because it’s not a day, but a month. Also, it’s visible all around the world, rather than cofined to certain places like some doodles are.

  • 2Deep

    I agree that it be nicer to have a doodle for one day as opposed to confined for gay searches. That doesn’t make us “queens” for suggesting that anymore than a Latino person suggesting their advancement in social structures makes them a sp-c. So STFU with that rapid slurs at someone who disagrees with you.

  • mudgeboy

    It worked for me. I love it. Thanks Google — you rock!

  • Steve-ATL

    @hamoboy: So sorry us ‘queens’ aren’t daring to look down and do as the straight man says. How dare we even throw suggestions out there. We should all be Uncle Toms like you. Just lock step to what we are told, without challenging change. Wanting a Gay Pride doodle, considering the monumental power and strength Pride month represents THROUGHOUT the world is hardly anything to throw a fit over. Unless of course, you’re threatened by our visibility?

  • hamoboy

    @Steve-ATL: Jebus, it’s like you just read the first five words of my comment and rage-skimmed through it so that you could post a quick rebuttal to what you THOUGHT I said. I’m not the one throwing a fit over things here. I’ve said my piece, and now I am moving on with my life, supporting LGBT rights through community outreach and apologia, instead of screaming “MOAR! MOAR!” on bitchy blogs whenever an ally does something nice.
    @2Deep: When last I checked, “queen” was not a slur.

  • hamoboy

    The reason why there is no gay pride doodle now out: ALAN TURING GOOGLE DOODLE MUTHAUCKA! It celebrates the father of computer science, and a gay victim of repressive post-WWII societies.

  • LandStander

    @hamoboy: “The reason why there is no gay pride doodle now out: ALAN TURING GOOGLE DOODLE”

    Wait, so an Alan Turning doodle is the reason why there is no gay pride doodle now? Oh, of course! Since they have had a doodle featuring Alan Turing in the past, they are not allowed to do gay pride doodles or they will explode, thanks for reminding me.

    @hamoboy:”it’s visible all around the world, rather than cofined to certain places like some doodles are.”

    Yes, and google has a general idea of where all of its visitors are from by their IP address, and it can show and hide whatever doodle it would like to to specific areas (it would not be the first time they have done that)

    @Red Meat: This is a logical reason, but, couldn’t they do it just for 1 day, celebrating pride month? Like, June 1?

    By the way, here is the reason Google gave to CNN…
    “It’s difficult to choose which events to celebrate”
    No mention of time span, location problems, -or- Alan Turing :-)

  • hamoboy

    @LandStander: I was being flippant, but you are welcome to draw whatever conclusions you want about what I said. Have a nice day, I am going to play with the Turing Machine now.

  • RilesRay

    Lame…they could have celebrated Pride with it’s own doodle. A celebration that takes place in over 100 countries for MILLIONS of people, especially in this time where Pride in many parts of the world is seen as a time to be strong, come out and be educated on our rich history of LGBT.

  • B

    Google is located just over 30 miles from San Francisco, which is having its gay pride parade this Sunday.

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