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Google Will Pay the Government’s Discriminatory Tax Cost For Gay Employees’ Health Care

Google will begin covering the cost same-sex employees suffer under federal (and some state) DOMA laws, where employer-provided insurance to partners is considered taxable income rather than tax-free health insurance. The changes will apply retroactively through the beginning of the year, and came about when an employee alerted the company to the disparity, and could effect at least 700 “Gayglers.” But the company isn’t stopping there: Google is “eliminating a one-year waiting period before qualifying for infertility benefits and including domestic partners in its family leave policy — going beyond the federal Family and Medical Leave Act, which requires employers to provide up to 12 weeks’ leave in a one-year period to recover from a medical condition or to care for a relative.” The average tax burden is under $1,100 per year per employee, which Google will now take care of. And that’s how Google is closing out Pride Month.

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