Google Won’t Help Fix Rick Santorum’s Google Problem

In 2003 Dan Savage helped redefine the last name of homophobic politician Rick Santorum into a slang word meaning “the frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex.” Google “Santorum” and five entries for Savage’s definition will come up before Santorum’s presidential campaign page.

Earlier this week Santorum asked Google to remove Savage’s definition from the search results. They said no. The children smiled.

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  • Little Kiwi

    spread it!

    Rick Santorum, we’ll stop calling you a homophobic bigot when you stop promoting homophobic bigotry.
    Just like we’ll stop calling others “racists” when they stop calling President Obama a Kenyan-born Muslim.

    Googling a word and finding an hilariously stomach-churning description VS promoting lies, hatred and bigotry?

    sorry, lil’ricky, you lose.

    SANTORUM! it aint going away, baby. THAT’s your legacy.

  • Cam

    Santorum is crying about this and demanding that Google remove that website….

    HOWEVER, if Obama or Biden or Pelosi was asking for a website to be removed he would be screaming censorship and that Google was favoring the Dems.

    Sorry Rick, you are the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the result of anal sex. Don’t shoot the web page for being the messenger.

  • Little Kiwi

    @Cam, he also ignores the very-specific factors that gave birth to this “movement” – had a Biden or a Pelosi or an Obama built their political career on the dead bodies of LGBT people, they’d no doubt have a name for themselves.

    and we all know it. well, everyone except him and his loyal plebes apparently….

  • Pete n SFO

    How is this guy allowed to participate in anything associated with even Rethuglican politics? He polls so low, he’s statistically nothing, but he’s on every stage… what gives?

  • Scobar

    Wow, you militants are so blinded by your hateful liberalism that you don’t even see it. How on earth is Rick Santorum a threat to you? What exactly did he do? What is it you perceive he WILL do? This is the ugliest side of the gay community I’ve ever seen. So strange that this community of peace and love has become so vicious and nasty when it comes to judging others.

  • Little Kiwi

    Hey, “Scobar” – i flat-out challenge you to explain yourself. For real.

    Are you truly unaware of the very specific and extraordinarily harmful anti-gay stance this man has taken for the last 10+ years?


    “What exactly did he do?”

    Are you actually asking that? This isn’t us “judging others” – this is a hateful, prejudice-spreading bigot being called out on his shit. Pun intended ;-)

    I love how you throw in the word “liberalism”, too. hehehe.

    we get it. you’re a conservative and can’t find anyone who supports you so you get angry that we liberals can. :D

  • Little Kiwi

    I’m always a wee bit puzzled by the Gay-Cons who come on here and throw around the word “Liberal” as if it’s an insult.

    why are you mad at Liberals? Because we have the complete respect, love, and actual support of our families and communities? Is that it? That we gay-ass liberals don’t have to apologize for being gay, and compartmentalize/edit/censor ourselves and our sexuality in order to be treated with respect? That the people in our lives support us and champion our right to Equality while the people in your own merely tolerate you as long as you don’t bring it up?

    I’m puzzled by it. By all means, call us “Liberals” – we like being liberals. It’s wonderful being a liberal. You get loved and respected because of what you are, with no need to insist to people that you’re “not _____” in order to win mere tolerance.

    You should try it sometime, Scobar ;-)

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    @Scobar: You must be new here. You ain’t seen nothin’ if you think these posts are hateful. Other nobodies frequently attacked on this site: Michele Bachmann, Dick Cheney, Ron Paul . . . and if you don’t fall in line with the status quo, you’ll be called “self-loathing” and attacked in all kinds of ways. Beware, for here there be tygers.

  • Little Kiwi

    ah, Yes. Politically Incorrect Thug, who complains that Obama has not done enough for The Gays, yet P.I.T. himself admits that he voted for John McCain.

    it’s not our fault we’re capable of intellectual honesty and you guys have to lie to yourselves in order to get through the daily torture that it is to be you.


    You just keep sucking up to the GOP-Status Quo. Keep voting for anti-gay candidates, keep reflecting your own parent’s racism. maybe one day they’ll let you sit at the family-table at Christmastime again ;-)
    unlikely, but hey, keep it up.

    i love the whole “when will you gay militant liberals ever learn?”

    Um….our way works. Your way, clearly, doesn’t. After all, it’s your chosen allies that choose to neither actually support you nor promote Equality for you as a human being. Must suck. I wouldn’t know. I’m surrounded by awful Liberals who support me :D

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    @Scobar: PS: Don’t pay any attention to Little Kiwi’s unbalanced rants. He/she thinks its opinions are very superior to the rest of ours. Likewise Christopher De Spitter, as he’s a very angry individual rather than someone with an actual opinion (for example, see above).

  • Little Kiwi

    I don’t think anything. If you can’t back up your claims, you prove me right.

    Can you explain, P.I.T., how your vote for John McCain would have been more beneficial to the LGBT Community in the US?

    You do complain about “how little” Obama has done for the LGBT Community. Apparently, then, LGBT Equality is important to you. Perhaps you could afford me the clarity by specifically explaining how John McCain would have been a stronger proponent for LGBT Equality in America.

    I’m all ears


    i’m defenseless in the face of facts. wanna make me “look bad”? Prove me wrong with facts. I challenge you.

  • christopher di spirito

    @Politically Incorrect Thug: Yes, I’m a big meanie who refuses to let rightwing asswipes like you put words in my mouth. Deal, brudder, brudder, brudder.

    BTW, you failed to enthrall and entertain us yesterday with an explanation why you voted for Old Coot McCain despite his vicious, homophobic record?

    I am endlessly fascinated by self-loathing fags like you who embrace the H8Rs who wouldn’t think twice about putting your sorry ass in a concentration camp and locking the door permanently.

    You are one, fucked up SOB.

  • Little Kiwi

    @Christopher – I’m fascinated, too. Oh, those AWFUL Liberal straight people in my family, my church community, my local community…such awful Liberal straights being visible and vocal advocates for LGBT Equality.

    oh, how mean we liberals are for…uh…..not letting Rick Santorum tell millions that two women marrying is no different than a man raping his daughter and then marrying the baby they create in a polygamous union with their family dog….or something….

    yeah. us mean old liberals. ;-) like my awful liberal parents who march in the pride parade every year with signs saying “i love my gay son”. the same liberal white parents who marched for Civil Rights in the 60s.

    ugh, such awful liberals. ;-)


  • ChrisC

    @Scobar: Rick Santorum compared Gays to pedophiles and bestiality. He was (and perhaps still is) in favor of homosexuality being a criminal offence. That’s what he did to us. There are also many gullible, naive people out there that actually would vote for this man, that’s why this man is a threat.

  • christopher di spirito

    @Little Kiwi: Little Kiwi – The conserva-gays are a strange lot. Almost other-worldly. Like the GOProud gang and their celebration of Bush, Perry, Romney and Annthrax Coulter.

    I think they’re suffering from a form of Stockholm Syndrome.

  • Michael

    Ugh so tired of idiots like Rick and GOPROUD.

    How can someone claim to be gay yet are constantly against their own community and rights as well? How the hell can these people continue to support people who half of them literally wish we were dead and did not exist? It takes a lot of self hate and self loathing to support and kiss the enemies ass the way GOPROUD does.

    Rick you the pig woman Maggie Gallagher and all the other hypocrites continue to have blood on your hands you’re despicable inhuman garbage in more ways then one.

    I do not understand why you people are not named and shamed every single minute of your lives because you all deserve to be.

    Another innocent live lost AGAIN due to people like Rick who make them feel like they are unwanted and unloved in this world because they are gay. Disgusting.

  • christopher di spirito

    Look at Rick Santorum going down on that Doo-Doo cone. You just know he’s a pretty decent cocksucker, even though he would deny it.

  • Michael


    He wants us dead like the rest of these unstable lunatics do.

  • Little Kiwi

    Just *once* I’d like to have a GayCon intelligently explain and back up their statements with facts, logic and something that at least resembles intellectual honesty.

    just once.

  • christopher di spirito

    @Little Kiwi: Little Kiwi – I think they have a type of fetish where being oppressed, marginalized and kicked under the bus makes them hard.

  • Little Kiwi

    or as one said on my youtube page, without realizing exactly what he was truly saying, “NO, they don’t oppress me because I agree with them!”

    Yeah. Exactly. All you have to do to be tolerated by them is ….you know….castrate yourself as a sign that you’ll be their willing slave.

    it’s beyond sad. and then they come on and complain about Liberals. it’s so odd.

    *looks around at his loving, accepting, pro-Equality family and friends*
    what’s the problem with Liberals again? Oh, right. We remind them that we have what they don’t have, and what they’re not strong enough to demand. Um, that’s not our problem.

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    @Michael: Holy shit, Mikey. Have the liberals really convinced you that Republicans want you dead? Truly? For if you believe that, then you should be as gullible to other forms of propaganda, like: all gays are pedophiles, all gays use feces in their sexual encounters, all gays are promiscuous, all gays are girly, all gays drive pink VWs, etc. If you ever wondered why our pleas to end stereotyping are ignored, wonder no more: just look at comments like “He wants us dead like the rest of these unstable lunatics do.” Jesus Christ, such venom.

  • Little Kiwi

    How about you specifically, explicitly, and intelligently explain how your vote for John McCain jives with your constant complaints that President Obama has not “done enough” for the LGBT Community?

    I’m genuinely curious as to how you think McCain would have done more for us.

    So, care to explain?

    “all gays are pedophiles, all gays use feces in their sexual encounters, all gays are promiscuous, all gays are girly, all gays drive pink VWs, etc”

    Incidentally, P.I.T. – those are the things that Santorum promotes. And most members of the GOP.

    So, how about you attempt to honestly answer my question? :D

    I keep looking at my liberal parents, who actively promote LGBT Equality every day of their lives, and I’m wondering what, specifically, your mother and father are doing to help within the GOP, P.I.T.

    care to elaborate, perhaps? :D

  • Michael

    @Politically Incorrect Thug:

    Mikey? That is not venom first of all.Secondly do you not watch the news? Do you ever listen to the VENOM these people spew on a daily basis? Have you heard any of these people make one compassionate even slightest ounce of concern over that teenager who took his life recently? No you haven’t.You know why because they do not care nor did I once say all republicans want us dead but some do just look at their extremist attitudes its not hard to see what they REALLY want behind their fake smiles lack of compassion or sincerity for other human beings.

    I have republican friends conservative friends even.One was actually not that gay friendly and we started to talk to one another.I showed him love understanding compassion and kindness and somehow someway I actually reached him through treating him equally.He in turn started to see things from a different point of view .He even told me meeting me helped him see things from a different perspective that he had never looked at before.He’s Catholic and conservative he now supports gay rights gay marriage and recently celebrated the end of DADT he was happy that that died.It just goes to show that sometimes our first impressions of someone are not necessarily right.

    No I do not think its a huge conspiracy where all republicans are out to get us that would be insanity right there.The teapartiers and the extremists out there who just happen to be republican and christian however I DO.

    These people want to turn this country into a theocracy where its either their way or no way.To hell with that though this is supposed to be democracy and they are constantly trying to destroy what the constitution stands for by going against other peoples rights and trampling all over them as well.

  • Michael

    @Politically Incorrect Thug:

    Excuse me my apologies I meant to say these people want to turn this country into a theocracy where its ruled by religion and their beliefs.It always disgusts me how Christians treat people who are non believers also .Never have understood how these people can claim to be religious when they are constantly hating.If that being was a being of love and compassion then they continuously keep shooting themselves in the foot with their vindictive words and vindictive actions.

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    @Michael: Totally with you on the religious angle. Religion is largely responsible for turning people against us, no doubt, which is why I’m not a conservative, I’m a libertarian, so my social views tend to lean liberal. However, having said that, certainly you can understand the annoyance factor when gays attack Republicans simply because of their party affiliation. But there’s good to come from all of this: I’ve done a little reading, and have come to the conclusion that you’re right: Mr. Santorum would probably only allow me to exist in his world if I guaranteed him a vote, so the guy’s a piece of shit. You won’t catch me defending him.

    Let’s try to understand that our opinions are exactly that—opinions. No one is ever right or wrong all the time. So let’s try to be civil toward one another, huh? (and sorry I called you Mikey—admittedly, that was rude)

  • Little Kiwi

    P.I.T. – can you intelligently explain why your vote for John McCain was a vote that would have been more beneficial to LGBT people than a vote for Obama?

    genuinely curious :-)

  • Michael

    @Politically Incorrect Thug:

    No worries ive met disrespectful rude and arrogant people here plenty of times.You however do not seem to be any of those things. I understand what you mean also just because someone is republican does not mean they are automatically anti gay or racist for that matter. I agree with your other statement too sadly though many here are just not capable of being civil they care more about words then they do about people this has been proven many times here.

  • Little Kiwi

    P.I.T. – how come you complain about President Obama not “doing enough for the LGBT Community” and yet you justify your voting for John McCain?

    You’ve yet to give a clear and direct answer to this question.

    If you truly care about LGBT Equality, to the extent that you continually criticize “how little Obama has done” then how do you specifically justify your vote for John McCain?

    Clarity would be greatly appreciated.



  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    @Little Kiwi: My point regarding Obama is simple: left to his own, he wouldn’t do anything for us. Considering how liberal a guy as he campaigned to be, he has done nothing for us on his own—his only pro-gay actions are the result of constant prodding from the Left and the Democratic party. This is a good thing, this prodding, but I believe that if not for the nudging he’s getting from the Left, Mr Obama could give a rat’s ass about same-sex marriage or unions, DADT, stopping LGBT discrimination, any of it. Do I have proof? Only his lack of proactivity. I wouldn’t go as far as to call him homophobic, but he certainly has proven himself to be homo-apathetic.

  • Little Kiwi

    How was your voting for John McCain going to make for a more positive impact for the LGBT Community in America?

    You claim he’s homo-apathetic but you voted for a man who not only would have done “less” than President Obama but acively would have worked against us.

    How do you reconcile your criticism of Obama when you voted for a man who would have actively worked to deny us rights, nor merely “be apathetic” in his stance?

    And I resent you calling Obama a Liberal. The man is less Liberal than the members of Canada’s Conservative Party.
    I WISH he was a Liberal. he aint.

    You voted for John McCain – how do you justify excusing that as a better move for the LGBT Community?

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    @Little Kiwi: Dude—relax. Life’s too short.

  • Little Kiwi

    It should be a very easy question for you to answer. I’m wondering why you’ll reply to me and yet you won’t directly and clearly answer my question in your reply….

    You voted for John McCain – how do you justify excusing that as a better move for the LGBT Community?

  • WIes

    Bachmann — noun

    A gay sadomasochistic “top mann” who can only perform while classical music is playing

  • doug105

    Things like this are why I just dont feel like I can ever trust a republican, and that the party never seems to call them on it even when they say we should be put to death.and this is mild but just seems to be the newest bit of crap they put out.

  • Riker

    @Little Kiwi: I don’t believe he is saying that McCain would have been a better choice for LGBT issues.

  • Cam


    Oh Boo Hoo Hoo, the mean gays called Santorum out for attacking them.

    This has been the right wingers defense for ages now. They claim that if WE say ANYTHING that disputes with their attacks that WE are attacking them and that we should be peaceful and kind and not judge.

    Yes, I think that the Klan tried that same tactic back when they claimed to be a civic group that donated to charity.

    Sorry cry baby. But if you can’t handle people disagreeing with you I suggest you move to Saudi Arabia and become a Cleric.

  • Scobar

    @Cam: OK! Thanks for the advice!

  • UWSguy

    Thanks for reminding me. I’ll be sure to search for it again and go to all the pages

  • jon

    Don’t be so narrow minded… not all republicans are lunatics; vote for ron paul. I doubt half of you people don’t even know who he is, because of your liberal ways.

  • Michael


    I know who he is and Ron Paul is as homophobic as the rest of them.

  • Shannon1981

    @Scobar: What has he done? What will he do? You’re talking about a man who hates us and has power. I don’t think I need to say anymore. We aren’t the ugly ones, he is.

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