GOP Backing Off Homo-Hating Politics

You kids may be interested in an article posted today over at Salon. In it, Michael Scherer (pictured, looking like a real journalist) shows that once powerful anti-gay campaign tactics have lost their potency.

As you know, the so-called “gay issue” has propelled conservative politics in recent years. While they may have galvanized voters in the past, it seems Americans may be tiring of all the hate. Scherer writes:

The reason for this turnabout may signal a transformation of the national debate over homosexual relationships, which have been a defining issue in recent election cycles. Across the country, candidates who have built their careers fighting homosexual rights now find themselves on the losing side of the polls…

Homosexuality is not the primary issue in any of these races, but it is notable that all of the candidates have tamped down their anti-gay rhetoric as the election approaches. “If things go as they look like they might, in the heartland of America voters are going to reject candidates with extremist political positions,” says Ted Trimpa, a gay political activist and attorney in Denver who is active in Colorado politics. “What that says to me is the pendulum has swung, that the luster of using us as a political toy has passed.”

We can’t help but wonder, if the GOP stops using the homos for political gain, what other social group will become the object of their disapproval? Surely it won’t be black people. That’s too dated. Handicapped people would just be cruel. Illegal immigrants, maybe?