GOP Beefcake Aaron Schock On Gay Rumors, Anti-Gay Voting Record

Metrosexual congressman and Men’s Health cover model Aaron Schock (R-IL) balked at ‘s questions about his sexuality in a run-in last week on the floor of the Republican National Convention.

“Those questions are completely ridiculous and inappropriate,” Schock told Signorile about inquiries into his orientation. “I’ve said [I’m not gay] before and I don’t think it’s worthy of further response. I think you can look it up.”

Rumors have been buzzing about Schock since he took office in 2009—and blew up when he sported white jeans, a pink gingham shirt and teal belt to a White House picnic in 2010. Normally we’d say it’s offensive to assume anything about a man’s sexuality by the color of his belt. But Schock supports DOMA and opposed the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell—given how many anti-gay Republicans turn out to be closet cases, we’d have to say it’s a reasonable line of questioning.

It didn’t help that TMZ stopped Schock in Tampa (in front of what appears to be a gay bookstore) and asked him how VP candidate Paul Ryan could improve his look. “I think Paul’s in great shape,” Schock told TMZ. “I think a little bit of leaner attire to help accentuate that physique he works so hard to, you know, maintain.”

Should Joan Rivers ask Aaron to join her on Fashion Police?

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  • declanto

    That teal belt whith white pants and a fuschia-on-white gingham shirt was criminally bad taste.

  • Cam

    Sorry, but the “My job makes me too busy to date” excuse doesn’t hold water when half of the other Congressmen not only have time to be married and raise a family but to also have mistresses or visit hookers.

    He makes decent money, is good looking, and famous and yet just can’t find any time to date even though the average week at the HOUSE runs from late Tuesday to early Thursday.

    Schocke sounds just like Clay Aiken and Ricky Martin before they came out.

  • declanto

    He spends lots of time with Mommie.

  • BJ McFrisky

    Funny how it’s only the good-looking conservatives Queerty ever suspects of being gay.

  • cliffsam

    The poor man should not hook up with a secret boyfriend as much as he needs a gay stylist!

  • Dennis

    Why is he right there in what is obviously a gay friendly neighborhood?

  • Rockery

    Guuurrrrrrlllll…… That outfit screams “no gag reflex”. STOP IT. But I love that he had a hissy fit and strutted out, I would bet he snapped his fingers, twice. Get it bitch.

  • gattsuru

    Given the teal, I’d honestly put a vote into asexual, but then against despite my nature and orientation I’ve less sense of style than he does.

    @Dennis: It’s less than two miles from the convention center that the actual convention was held, and very close to the nearest Hilton and Hampton hotels while being near the interstate. And gay districts also tend to be reasonably upscale, especially in Florida; I’ve gone with the girlfriend through the local one here to browse indie music and have a slightly awkward dinner at a nice diner. So there are other explanations, if not terribly compelling ones.

  • Aaron

    Aaron Schock IS gay. A friend of mine who used to be very active with the Boston Log Cabin Republicans told me he used to use the DC chapter of LCR as a personal dating pool, using various excuses such as “fundraisers” and “rallies” to get to know the guys. This was before all the gay rumors, when he was under the radar and hadn’t “come out” on the scene with his photo spreads and pink shirts.

    Sadly, too many gay Republicans are more than willing to secretly hook up with a hot conservative politician. I’m sure for many of them, it’s a total turn on. I mean, yeah, he’s got a terrible voting record, but so does every other Republican that these LCR stooges are supporting, and this one is hot.

  • hf2hvit

    @BJ McFrisky: Oh, no…there’s Larry Craig if that’s more to your liking.

  • Little-Kiwi

    schock is a standard-issue white conservative closeted homosexual with no balls.

    enjoy your pathetic life you coward :D

  • Patsy Stoned

    @BJ McFrisky:

    and let’s not forget Miss Lindsey Graham, First Lady wannabe Marcus Bachman, plus anti-gay politicians Roy Ashburn and Ed Schrock. All quite unattractive by most standards. So, you see, this is about hypocrisy, not looks.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Aaron: Oh well, if your friend from the Boston LCR heard from the DC LCR that Schock is gay, then that settles it. Conclusive proof at last!

  • Cam

    @Rockery: said….

    “Guuurrrrrrlllll…… That outfit screams “no gag reflex”. STOP IT. But I love that he had a hissy fit and strutted out, I would bet he snapped his fingers, twice. Get it bitch.”



    When I read about his Hissy I just kept thinking about PAtrick Stewart in Jeffrey going “Oooooo, Get Her!”

  • BJ McFrisky

    @Eric Auerbach: You forgot his outfit. I mean, doesn’t that quantify as proof to his sexuality? It’s like when my brother wears his shorty robe, I know he must be a closet homo. Or when my chisled neighbor mows his grass shirtless—-gay, gay, gay. Gee, I guess it’s a good thing that our fellow gay brothers would never dream of judging someone by his appearance alone.
    @hf2hvit: Er, no. You never went after Larry Craig—it wasn’t until he was busted that you became obsessed with his sexulaity. Mr. Schock, on the other hand, is a target of yours solely because of his appearance. When he’s caught with a dick in his mouth, get back to me. Until then, it’s just more sexual fantasy you’re attempting to project onto others.

  • jwrappaport

    Too beefed up as of late, IMO. His pecs accentuate his divergent nipples. Very strange, but the forbidden fruit (as it were) is still quite appealing.

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