GOP Candidate Ron Paul May Have Penned A Kooky, Racially Charged, AIDS-Phobic Letter

Sometime in 1993, now GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul’s signature appeared on an 8-page direct mail letter urging people to buy his book and newsletter. Most of the eight-page screed goes on about a massive government plot to track Americans and sink the economy using a newly-issued colored currency. But the letter also says all sorts of kooky and offensive things about AIDS and other matters:

It forecasts a coming race war in the big cities, suggests a federal-homosexual plot to cover up the full extend of the AIDS epidemic, imagines secret service officers with AK-47s popping out of metaphoric cakes, calls Martin Luther King Jr. Day “Hate Whitey Day” and says that AIDS sufferers “enjoy the attention and pity that comes with being sick.”

Even though Paul’s signature clearly appears on the bottom of the letter, Paul says that he neither wrote nor read any of the bylined items associated with the newsletter. He’s also not sure who actually wrote them, but he disavows them all.

Probably a smart move. After all, if the subscription pitch is this insane, imagine what the actual newsletter reads like. God help him if a copy of it ever surfaces.

Image via U.S. Congress

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  • bagooka

    Racially charged? Let’s call it what it is, racist.

  • B

    “Even though Paul’s signature clearly appears on the bottom of the letter, Paul says that he neither wrote nor read any of the bylined items associated with the newsletter.”

    … and this guy wants to be our president? Earth to Paul: the president is more or less the country’s CEO. He has to be a good manager, and good managers are expected to know what is being done in their names.

  • Steve

    Paul’s denial is simply ridiculous. In 1993, he had lots of time and little staff. He certainly wrote his own fund-raising pitches, and he surely read everything that he signed.

    If you look in his closet you will find a white hood and sheet, well worn, but nicely cleaned and pressed.

  • Victor O'Clarke

    If you could use a good belly laugh this Holiday season watch this and you’re welcome:

  • Isaac C

    @Steve: Of course he will deny it. I am just waiting for him to blame the “liberal smear machine” for his coming defeat.

  • slanty

    @bagooka: Yeah, “racially charged” is too ambiguous. You might not realize it means racist.

  • CJ

    Paul has always been willing to take the heat for his views over the decades. But, in this case he doesn’t agree with the views other wrote within the newsletter. I take him at his word. He’s been the most honest of the Republicans I’ve seen. I don’t favor all of his views. But, I think this digging up 20 year old trash is stupid. Heck, Obama had 2 year old trash that didn’t seem to get the same scrutiny from CNN than Paul and some other candidates get. Pretty prejudicial in their reporting. But, what’s new?

  • Cinesnatch


    The NEWSLETTER purportedly contains the more inflammatory quotations “Hate Whitey Day” and “[AIDS sufferers] enjoy the attention and pity that comes with being sick,” of which there is NOT a copy of as of yet.

    NOT the SOLICITATION LETTER which contains the AK-47, AIDS conspiracy and race war references.

    You are lumping the two together. You just proved that you never even bothered to read the solicitation letter for yourself, let alone read the article that links to it correctly.

    Why am I doing your job for you? Why do you present these half-ass posts? Do your homework next time. Seriously.

    Your knee-jerk anti-conservatism is showing.

  • Cinesnatch

    And, as far as the title of your post, while the phrase “federal-homosexual cover-up on AIDS” is controversial, wonky and odd, it is most of all ambiguous, and hardly constitutes as “AIDS phobic.” (unlike the rumored Newsletter quotation).

    Daniel, why is it when there is a lapse in accuracy in reporting or a sensationalist tone on Queerty, your name can always be found? Do facts even matter to you? If they don’t and you’re fine with this, lemme know. I’ll stop criticizing.

  • MKe

    i’m sorry but if he thinks having AIDS in 93 was fun in any way you cant be president. not even because it’s hateful but because it’s dumb. no dumb Presidents this country deserves better.

  • RVH

    @CJ: Thank you for your sanity. I really wonder how most of the commenters on here are even able to tie their own shoes.

  • Stoned Ape

    The “Hate Whitey Day” and “enjoy the attention” comments aside what is he’s right about the upcoming “race war”?

    Nixon also had a problem with “fags” but that didn’t stop him from attending Bohemian Grove and gaining that groups support. Log Cabin Republicans walk a fine line. Maybe a couple of weeks at Bohemian Grove is just what Dr. Ron Paul needs.

  • Riker

    Does it even matter what he may or may not have written 20 years ago? Are any of us even the same person we were two decades ago, with all the same views? I know i’m not. Then again, 20 years ago I was in diapers and had very few teeth.

    Still, I’m glad that i’m not a politician, where everything I ever said can be held against me as if it were my current views.

  • skzip888

    I don’t care how self-righteous you are, or indeed if either these letters or newsletters are real (I’m not surprised either way). What got me was his diva episode where he threw down the mike and walked out. Son Rand Paul did the same thing over the whole “Aqua Buddha” scandal last election, rather than making his point, he simply told his opponent and the press how naughty and impertinent they had been and walked off like a perturbed first year debate student. An interview or negotiation is not like a forum or chat room you can Rage Quit at any time. There is such a thing as statesmanship and PR, no matter how impertinent the question, or stylishly in-your-face your platform is.

  • Dallas David

    I’ve seen lots of fund-raising letters and sales pitches with this sort of “the-sky-is-falling” tone from right-wing crazies as well as folks who are ordinarily reasonable and circumspect. Neverthess, anyone who approves mailing any sort of sales pitch with his signature would most likely read it first.

    So if he didn’t actually write the letter (and I don’t think he did), then he probably knew what it said before it went out. At least, a reasonably responsible person would.

  • Joetx

    Ron Paul & Rand Paul are nut jobs. How anyone, especially someone gay, can be for them is mind-boggling.

  • tjr101

    Can Ron Paul be any more petty? Oh, he gets a tough question and decides to walk out on the interview. Forget the news letter, his behavior is pretty childish for an 80 something year old wanna be president.

  • Kurt

    I read an article where they said that this letter is homophobic/biphobic since that’s what it is, and it was not mentioned as being AIDS phobic. Either way I’m not a Ron Paul supporter and I never have been and most LGBT People I know are not.

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