GOP Candidate Ron Paul May Have Penned A Kooky, Racially Charged, AIDS-Phobic Letter

Sometime in 1993, now GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul’s signature appeared on an 8-page direct mail letter urging people to buy his book and newsletter. Most of the eight-page screed goes on about a massive government plot to track Americans and sink the economy using a newly-issued colored currency. But the letter also says all sorts of kooky and offensive things about AIDS and other matters:

It forecasts a coming race war in the big cities, suggests a federal-homosexual plot to cover up the full extend of the AIDS epidemic, imagines secret service officers with AK-47s popping out of metaphoric cakes, calls Martin Luther King Jr. Day “Hate Whitey Day” and says that AIDS sufferers “enjoy the attention and pity that comes with being sick.”

Even though Paul’s signature clearly appears on the bottom of the letter, Paul says that he neither wrote nor read any of the bylined items associated with the newsletter. He’s also not sure who actually wrote them, but he disavows them all.

Probably a smart move. After all, if the subscription pitch is this insane, imagine what the actual newsletter reads like. God help him if a copy of it ever surfaces.

Image via U.S. Congress