GOP Donor’s Drug Filled “Secret Life”

Now this is a revelation. Key Republican donor Stuart Levine told a federal jury that he hosted dozens of drug-filled parties populated solely with male friends.
Chicago’s Sun Times reports that Levine, a key witness against embattled real estate developer Tony Rezko, testified that his clandestine antics back to 1972:

Levine said he first experimented with drugs in 1972, primarily using marijuana and cocaine during that decade. He said he also tried quaaludes a couple of times in the same period and did LSD once.

In the mid-1980s, Levine said there was a change in his drug use when he began partying with a group of five male friends — two or three at a time — once or twice a month as his business schedule allowed.

Levine later moved on to crystal meth, which he apparently preferred.

Rezko’s defense claims that Levine’s drug use may have impaired his memory. They wanted to delve into the married father’s sexual secrets, but the judge ruled them irrelevant. And to spare us the gory, easily envisioned details.