GOP Donor’s Drug Filled “Secret Life”

Now this is a revelation. Key Republican donor Stuart Levine told a federal jury that he hosted dozens of drug-filled parties populated solely with male friends.
Chicago’s Sun Times reports that Levine, a key witness against embattled real estate developer Tony Rezko, testified that his clandestine antics back to 1972:

Levine said he first experimented with drugs in 1972, primarily using marijuana and cocaine during that decade. He said he also tried quaaludes a couple of times in the same period and did LSD once.

In the mid-1980s, Levine said there was a change in his drug use when he began partying with a group of five male friends — two or three at a time — once or twice a month as his business schedule allowed.

Levine later moved on to crystal meth, which he apparently preferred.

Rezko’s defense claims that Levine’s drug use may have impaired his memory. They wanted to delve into the married father’s sexual secrets, but the judge ruled them irrelevant. And to spare us the gory, easily envisioned details.

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  • M Shane

    The judges determination as to the irrelivancy of Levine’s sex life in this matter is appropriate, besides, republicans seem to use drugs as much as dems. If they aren’t politicians who cares–it seems far fetched for a married person tho. I get the impression that there are a lot more selfish gay right wingers than I ever imagined.
    Although we have gotten very used to Repubs being queer lately; as long as they lie well about it ,it’s just dismissed as “good business” practice.
    His drug admissions seem to make of him a pretty useless witness, I can’t imagine what his testimony do. It sounds like he was doped up so much that he barely knew what he was doing.

  • emma

    This dude is found at the interracial club a moment ago. He has created a personal profile to seek young and hot girls out of his race there.

  • todd

    I wonder if Bush and Victor Ashe and Rove and Jeff Gannon attended these parties…

  • james ii

    for all of you live outside the land of lincoln, as far as statewide office goes, ‘democrat’ and ‘republican’ are just superficial labels that the political combine uses, but it makes no diff, really. levine was allegedly in cahoots with rezko, who gave big money to our democratic gov., our junior democratic u.s. senator and president clinton, as well as some repubs. so, i don’t think stu was exclusively a republican, he just followed his nose to the money.

    the story does have some incredible details, though, on the daylong meth and special k parties he’d have at a suburban chicago hotel … i couldn’t help but thinking as i was reading it ‘these are gay drugs, how does he know about them?’

    kudos to queerty for citing the Bright One, too.

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