GOP Down With Gays

Republicans aren’t as bad as you might think. A Log Cabin Republican-endorsed poll shows that 43% of GOP-voters support civil unions and/or marriage rights.

Though the majority still oppose legal recognition of gay relationships, an impressive 53% believe the party spends “too much time focusing on moral issues”. Those folk think their leaders should be focusing on more pressing issues, like our sinking economy and inflated government spending.

Meanwhile, a whopping 77% support non-discrimination laws for the workplace and 49% would like to see gays serving in the military.

Of these surprising statistics, Log Cabin bigwig Patrick Sammon says,

This poll shows very encouraging results. It validates what we’ve been saying for a long time. Average Republicans are much more supportive of gay rights than some on the far right would like people to believe. What is most remarkable is that this is a poll of self-identified Republicans–not independents or Republican-leaning voters. This poll makes it clear that the much talked about “base” of the GOP fundamentally believes in basic fairness for all Americans.

If only their national leaders felt the same way.