GOP Leadership In House Strips Violence Against Women Act Of LGBT Protections

On April 27, just a day after the Senate voted 68-31 to re-authorize the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) with provisions for LGBT victims, GOP Representative Sandy Adams (R-FL) and 35 Republican co-sponsors introduced an alternate version that wouldn’t include any protections based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Hill reports that the House re-authorization bill would however stiffen penalties for certain violent crimes and increase funding for sexual-assault prevention.

Adams said the goal of her version is to ensure “that taxpayer resources help victims not Washington bureaucrats.”

Right because only Washington insiders care about LGBT people?

“It is my hope that my colleagues in both the House and Senate can put politics aside and support this lifesaving legislation,” she said. Should Adams’ version, HR 4790, pass the House, the differing aspects of the two bills would have to be hammered out in committee.

After the Senate passed VAWA on Thursday, New York City Anti-Violence Project director Sharon Stapel reiterated the need for funding of domestic-violence and sexual-assault services for gays and lesbians. “LGBTQ people experience violence at the same rates as any other community… [but] receive fewer supportive services—and are often actively discriminated against when seeking service.”