GOP Leadership In House Strips Violence Against Women Act Of LGBT Protections

On April 27, just a day after the Senate voted 68-31 to re-authorize the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) with provisions for LGBT victims, GOP Representative Sandy Adams (R-FL) and 35 Republican co-sponsors introduced an alternate version that wouldn’t include any protections based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Hill reports that the House re-authorization bill would however stiffen penalties for certain violent crimes and increase funding for sexual-assault prevention.

Adams said the goal of her version is to ensure “that taxpayer resources help victims not Washington bureaucrats.”

Right because only Washington insiders care about LGBT people?

“It is my hope that my colleagues in both the House and Senate can put politics aside and support this lifesaving legislation,” she said. Should Adams’ version, HR 4790, pass the House, the differing aspects of the two bills would have to be hammered out in committee.

After the Senate passed VAWA on Thursday, New York City Anti-Violence Project director Sharon Stapel reiterated the need for funding of domestic-violence and sexual-assault services for gays and lesbians. “LGBTQ people experience violence at the same rates as any other community… [but] receive fewer supportive services—and are often actively discriminated against when seeking service.”

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  • Robert in NYC

    To think this is what gay republicans will vote for and support. No one can convince me it’s the party of inclusiveness, delusional at best.

  • w.e.

    Whoa, Republicans are totally anti-gay haters? I’m shocked, shocked I tell ye!

  • Disgusted American


  • cam

    This is why when the GOProud or Log Cabin colks are so off base when they come in here.

    The GOP isn’t just resistent to moving forward on rights for GLBT’s. They are actively trying to make this a dangerous country for us, and strip away anything that would humanize us.

  • Robert in NYC

    And Romney wants DOMA in all states as well as invalidate marriages already performed. Gay people who vote for that are sick. They’d rather sacrifice equality just as long as NO democrat is in the White House, at any cost.

  • Chuck

    Any gay person who votes Republican, you are voting for pure evil. Learn to love yourself and vote Democratic.

  • JayKay

    Well it’s a start. Now just get rid of the rest of it.

  • Dan

    Wow say it’s not true! OMG I’m totally shocked that Conservatives are against LGBT People! /sarcasm.

  • Hmmmmm

    And yet, Obama’s arm is still in a sling recently when he could simply have, with a stroke of a pen, signed an executive order banning job discrimination towards GLBT employees with any company that holds a federal government contract. Yes, Democrats=good and Republicans=evil. Oh, and of course, every one’s darling Bill Clinton who signed DADT(under a Democratic majority in Congress) and later, DOMA (which he still could have vetoed it on principle, even if it would have been overridden). Aw yes, such fearless defenders of our liberty.

    Such a simple equation when you think about it, and how marriage equality would have never happened recently in New York without the help of a few of those mean Republicans. Or how prop 8 got struck down by one of the mean ol’ Republican federal judges.

    Yes, such a simple equation.

    By the way, my partner and I are registered Independents. We vote for those who have earned our vote, not for those who think that they have a god-given right to it without working for it or who happily stab us in the back while they have their hands in our pockets digging for more money and votes.

  • JayKKK

    @JayKay: Why stop there, my right-wing brother-in-arms? I say next we axe the Civil and Voting Rights Acts and then move on to the Fourteenth and Nineteenth Amendments.

  • Patsy Stoned

    Right Hmmmm. Marriage equality wouldn’t have happened in NY without the VERY SMALL number of fair minded Republicans there. Those Republicans should be supported and we should all do what we can to make sure they are re-elected.

    What about the vast majority of Republicans in NY and elsewhere? How many anti-gay state marriage amendments were written up and pushed by Democrats in any state? Dems are hardly perfect, especially Obama, but the very few examples of decent, non-gay bashing Republicans doesn’t say much for that party. Just because one rose petal falls on a lump of dog shit doesn’t make it smell any better.

  • Hmmmmm

    @ Patsy Stoned…

    Speaking of “dog shit”.

    Do we in the GLBT community have to be browbeaten into conforming to PC blackmail and then intimidated into supporting someone like Barrack Obama who does not respect our rights as fellow American citizens to be treated the same as him? The gay Uncle Toms in our community never cease to amaze me.

    Obama said, “I’m a Christian. And so, although I try not to have my religious beliefs dominate or determine my political views on this issue, I do believe that tradition, and my religious beliefs say that marriage is something sanctified between a man and a woman.”

    In other words, according to Obama, heterosexual relationships are “sacred“; whereas, homosexual relationships are morally inferior and it is a sacrilege to call them marriages.

    Hmmmm…..well, “tradition” and “religious beliefs” were also the excuses used once to keep Barrack Obama’s interracial parent’s marriage from being recognized in several states when he was a child too.

    Shame on him.

  • tjr101

    @Hmmmmm: Ok, it’s Obama’s fault you can’t get married so you will be voting for Romney, got it!

  • Patsy Stoned

    Alert me when Obama signs NOM’s hate pledge, like Romney did. Obama isn’t perfect, by any stretch. But I’ll take my chances with him over someone who dredged up a racist 1913 law to keep out of state gays from marrying in Mass (like ol’ Mitt).
    I don’t like Obama’s words. But he hasn’t been defending DOMA much, has he? And he is on record against state anti-gay laws. Romney? He wants a federal anti-gay marriage law that would render ALL state marriage equality useless. Like I said earlier dog shit. And it isn’t just on the roof of Romney’s car.
    Trust me, I’m all for independents, and I’ll gladly vote for a fair-minded Republican. But in the Obama/Romney race things are pretty clear. And until Mitt flips back his 1994 self, I have no intention of supporting him, or his anti-gay policies.

  • ObamaSucks

    @ tjr101 Typical Obot trite response.

  • tjr101=a-hole

    The Obot trolls are out in force.

  • delurker

    you homocons are gonna love what obama does with romney. it will be like a cat toying with an itty bitty mouse. remember, romney had so much trouble in the repub freakshow primary with losers like santorum an gingrich. he’s in the big leagues now with someone who will hit and hit back, hard. ;)

  • Clockwork

    I like this version better:

    Not every bill needs a GLBT provision to be effective.

  • tjr101=a-hole

    @tjr101: Whatever Obot Zombie-Lemmings aka pathetic DNC Trolls!!

  • delurker=obot-slave

    You Obots are gonna love what Obama does with the GLBT community. It will be like a alley cat toying with an itty bitty mouse. Just recall how Nancy Pelosi had so much trouble in that Obama administration freak show primarily with losers like Obama and Sec. Defense Gates who said: “Let’s just kick this can down the road.” (referring to DADT as Obama’s injustice Dept. defended DADT and DOMA for two years)

    Now, Obama has always been in the little leagues with his band of homophobic timid small-thinkers, but with so very few in the GLBT community or in the Progress Community to actually demand any real civil rights progressive legislation from the DEMS or executive action from the current Village Idiot in the White House — well, what you see is what you get. The Obot Lemmings are sooooo afraid that B.O. will hit and hit back hard if any of his pathetic frighten slaves in the GLBT community get out of line and don’t kiss his anus while worshipping the sugar-coated excrement that spewed out of Obama’s pie-hole for the last four years.

  • delurker

    @delurker=obot-slave: I love your spittle-flecked rant. I am sure your computer monitor is damp from all that froth. Enjoy your aneurysm. :D

  • delurker=a-hole

    I love your vomit-spewed rant. I’m sure your computer monitor is drenched with your poisonous jizz which your pudgy little meat-hooks squeezed out of your clitoris-size pud while you were watching kiddie-porn. Enjoy your time in the pen.

  • AL

    @delurker=a-hole: Yikes. Sounds like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bathhouse.

  • AL=a-hole

    @ AL…

    You should know, being the full time enema-bag boy there. How’s your gig as the syphilitic community’s pock-marked poster-boy for STDs going by the way, AL? We all heard that you won that prestigious title twenty years in role now.

  • AL

    @AL=a-hole: Oh dear, it’s worse than I thought. Like most RepubliKlans, it’s speaking absolute gibberish. Maybe some electroshock therapy could help here.

  • AL=obsessive+a-hole

    @ AL (the pedophile)

    Oh dear, it’s worse that I thought. Like most ObamaRimmers, it speaks Retardese. Maybe going back to your kiddie porn could help you until the cops arrive.

    …in the meanwhile, get a life, fat ass.

  • AL

    @AL=obsessive+a-hole: Oh my, I think I was wrong in my initial diagnosis. It’s far too late for electroshock therapy, so straight it’s to a lobotomy for this RepubliKlan troll.

  • BradM

    @AL=obsessive+a-hole: Are you actually telling someone else to get a life? You have more comments on here than anyone else, creep.

  • DMI

    @AL=obsessive+a-hole: Why hasn’t someone kicked your teeth in yet?

  • AL+BradM+DMI=obsessive-aholes

    @ the three stooges: AL, BradM, DMI…

    You know you are all the same person, you sockpuppet-ahole troll. This thread has been yesterday’s news for several days now, yet you still come back. Hmmmmm…and you say your betters are obsessive, eh? You can’t help yourself can you, you Obama-rimming creep. Obviously, this is your life. How sad. How very, very sad.

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