GOP Loyalists Take On McCain Finance Team’s “Sex Lifestyle”

Republican die hards aren’t taking kindly to what they perceive to be John McCain’s elite finance team, men and women who lead a “Sex and The City” lifestyle:

…The McCain campaign can ill-afford to do is further antagonize our own supporters. We need to quiet grumbling among our own contributors and volunteers about how much our hardworking fundraising consultants are getting paid. People like New York Finance Chair Tamara Hallisey, who’ve earned at least $148,000 since the start of the year. Likewise, I hear that the latest attack we should expect from the Obama-holier-than-thou crowd is that the McCain campaign is using unlimited “victory committees” to pay fundraising staff for the work they do for the official “restricted” campaign fund while John takes the high road on public financing.

Did you see “Sex in the City“? It’s expensive to look good in New York and do the tough job they’re doing finding money in the middle of Hillary Clinton territory… Manhattan in the summer is a sweltering hub of liberal elitism.

Eh, we’ve been called worse.