The GOP Presidential Ticket Is A Model Sub/Dom Relationship

il_570xN.733332292_f35nAs a standard political act, Donald Trump‘s introduction of Mike Pence as his choice for Vice President was unprecedented for its sheer weirdness. Trump spent 28 minutes talking about everything but Pence, the ostensible reason for his appearance, and them spent no time at all with him.

But the behavior makes a lot more sense when you realize that we’re not talking about a political ticket. We’re talking about a classic sub/dom relationship. Trump is the master with the power. He has displayed all the best dom’s techniques in his treatment of Pence.

Some examples:


Trump really has this one down. After his campaign leaked that Pence was the choice, Trump went on television to say he hadn’t made a final choice. Then he postponed the press conference making the announcement, using the Nice, France, attack as an excuse, only to tweet the news at the same time as the canceled conference. Meantime, multiple news outlets reported that Trump looked for an excuse to dump Pence before he was ever on board. All the while, Pence is sitting in New York waiting for the final decision, fully aware that the world knows is watching his humiliation.

The dom’s needs come first

In Trump’s case, that means 28 minutes of a boasting about himself, followed by an off-hand reference to Pence.

Ignoring as punishment

So, clearly Trump isn’t thrilled with Pence. How best to show it? Introducing Pence and then walking away, leaving the disciple alone on stage.

Speech restriction

Pence gets to speak when Trump lets him. Which isn’t going to be often, if their Sunday talk show appearance is any indication.

For a good Christian conservative, Pence slipped into the sub role easily. All he needed was the dog collar to complete the picture. He was happy to have endured the humiliation from Trump, expressing himself “grateful to this builder, this fighter.” He sits in obedient silence when Trump talks. He is fine with being totally powerless in the relationship.

Ironically, Pence wasn’t the only sub auditioning for the role. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was, if anything, an ever more dedicated sub. He looked like he was in bondage when he stood next to Trump at a notorious press conference. He fetched McDonald’s for Trump. While Trump held an umbrella, Christie walked in the rain. He endured Trump making fun of him for eating too many Oreos, even after he had endorsed Trump. And what did it get him? Not the attention he craved from his master.

Let that be a word of warning for Pence.