GOP Pundit Mary Matalin Thinks Her Gay Friends Care More About Putin’s Pecs Than His Homophobia

putin-undershirtGOP consultant Mary Matalin would you know to know she has many gay friends. She’s also like you to know they think all this talk about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s homophobia obscures what really matters: his physique.

Even by the low standards of the Sunday talk shows, Matalin hit a new record for brainlessness on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopolous. Stephanopolous asked Matalin a serious question about the Russian Olympics. Here’s what Matalin came back with:

“Can I just say, I’m so sick of sports and politics. I am not gay, and I know I’m going to get in trouble for this, but all of my gay friends think he looks so buff in his shirtless photos.”

At which point, the putative adults on the panel laughed.

Matalin has been toiling as an operative in the Republican vineyards since the Reagan presidency, serving as a campaign director for George H.W. Bush and a presidential assistant to his son. She’s probably best known as a talking head on television, often in tandem with her husband, Democratic consultant James Carville.

Apparently, in Matalin’s mind, widespread violence against the LGBT community in Russia is only good for a joke about how sexualized gay men are.

Over at Slate, Nathaniel Frank rightly points out that it’s these kind of comments that tell you who your friends really are–and aren’t. Frank notes that his grandparents used to say that his gentile friends wouldn’t hide him if there was another holocaust.

“I like to think they were wrong (and that there won’t be another Holocaust),” Frank writes. “But that won’t stop me from invoking their wise spirit with a warning to conservative pundit Mary Matalin’s gay friends: She won’t hide you in a gay Holocaust.”

It’s hard to argue against that conclusion. Of course, we’re confident that she can come up with another swell joke if those circumstances arise.

(H/t: Nathaniel Frank)