GOP Senators Promise Capitol Hill Constipation On DADT Unless Democrats Give ‘Em Their Tax Cuts

You know those bratty kids at your cousin’s wedding whose parents never seem to be around to STFU and learn some manners? That’s how the Republican senators are acting today, signing a letter threatening to immediately end yesterday’s bipartisanship hoax and shut down the chamber unless Democrats give in on Bush-era tax cuts. Which means they won’t do anything about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell as part of the Pentagon spending bill. Are the Dems still unable to spin this as a Republican attempt to hurt our troops? C’mon, let’s play the spin game with ’em!

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  • John

    At this point I do not care. Tax cuts for all it is then because DADT repeal is far more important than Democrats getting to play spin again. It’s either now or not for years to come. I’m done with waiting and done with patience for the Democrats’ political problems. Pass DADT repeal NOW.

  • SpiffyShindigs

    Rock, meet hard place.

    The tax cuts REALLY need to not be extended the way the Republiderps want. Like REALLY, it’s pointless and does NOTHING for the country.

    I say that the Dems should call the Republicans on this. Expose the Repubs for not caring about anything more than the rich.

  • Patty

    @John: No way! Extending the Bush tax cuts will necessitate cuts in the federal services in the near future. What would you cut? Social security? Medicare? Defense? the NIH? Don’t say earmarks, because that’s not going to even come close to filling the hole.
    We have a 16-seat majority till January. Now is not the time to give into Republicans and their Randian agenda. If the Republicans were in control of the Senate, they wouldn’t let the minority stop them… after all, it only takes a simple majority to revise the Senate rules, as we saw with Frist back in 2005.

  • McMike

    Wow, total hijack. It’s unreal the GOP is doing this. Our country deserves to go down the drain with leadership like this and, in case no one in DC is noticing, that’s exactly what’s going to happen since the Party of No is creating such gridlock.

    America is pathetic.

  • Steve

    Let the tax cuts expire. Let the government shut down. Miss the payroll. Just be sure to blame it on the Republicans.

    Obama’s problem is not that the D’s have been ineffective. The problem is that they were too busy “governing” and not “communicating” to the electorate. There is only one way to fix this: START COMMUNICATING EVERY DAY. The repeated message, every day, should be, “Blame the Republicans.”

  • John

    @Patty = then cuts will have to be made or taxes will be raised at that time. Whatever. I’m not willing to put off repeal any further because of partisan bickering. Everything is on the table as far as I’m concerned and repeal is paramount.

  • John

    @Steve – why? So the Democrats can take us for yet another ride? No. Repeal now and partisan fighting later.

  • Queer Supremacist

    Don’t extend the tax cuts. Eliminate the taxes. Except for Democrats. They want a social democracy, let them pay for it. Not me. My oppressors don’t deserve one thin dime.

    @Steve: There is only one way to fix this: START COMMUNICATING EVERY DAY. The repeated message, every day, should be, “Blame the Republicans.”

    Obreeder has been doing it every fucking day. Problem is, it’s not fucking true. You blame Republicans for everything (and I’m not letting them off the hook) when the Breedercrats elected a filthy Mormon as Senate Majority Breeder, whoops, I mean Leader, and wasted too much time making it a crime not to own health insurance to stop the ongoing human rights violations.

    Obreeder blames everyone but himself for his arrogance and ineptitude. And the American people, especially gay Americans who are the best and brightest in this country, are getting hip to his jive.

  • tjr101

    Fu*k the Republicans, let the tax cuts expire. Why? When the next Republican enters the WH they are going to cut taxes even further for the 1 percent of the population. Tax cuts do not create jobs, it adds to the deficit.

  • reason

    Typical republican b.s., they are crying about the deficit yet want to add a multi-trillion dollar tax cut to it. It makes no sense, lets borrow trillions from China to hand out to the super rich then pay interest on that money for the next 50 years! Why? So the wealth can spend the money during vacations in Europe or safaris in Africa? Then on top of that ask the middle class and poor to work for another five years to seventy before they can retire. That gives the average person 8 years until their death, the rich will still retire in their late 50’s to live in luxury and buy the best health care possible to keep them alive to 100.

    Giving everybody the tax break up to their first 250000 in income is the most intelligent thing to do. Gov. Ted Strickland is correct, the party doesn’t know how to sell anything. The base is as apathetic as can be. The democrats could reduce the deficit by one trillion, and the republicans raise it by 10 trillion and the democrats would still lose the argument and be labeled fiscally irresponsible. Where is the democrat tea party, sipping lattes at Starbucks, and shaking their tail at the local nightclub?

    Where is the outrage? The GOP is saying give us money or we will discriminate against Americans. How is that different from a terrorist taking an American hostage.

  • SpiffyShindigs

    Senator Stabenow of Michigan has said that the House and Senate both plan on calling the Republican’s bluff.


  • Brutus

    @Queer Supremacist: “a filthy Mormon”

    Please tell us what you really think, bigot.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    I wonder what Christopher Barron has to say about this.

  • Sceth

    It seems like a win-win for me. We should cut spending on those ridiculous government wastes like animal welfare.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Brutus: Pretty fancy talk coming from Miss “Obama Über Alles”. Hatred of evil beliefs and evil people is not bigotry. And if it is, so what? We’re better than those filthy Mormons and we know it. Let’s flaunt our superiority.

  • Patty

    @John: But what’s the point of being equal in a country that’s gone back to the Gilded Age?

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