GOP Super PAC Plans On Throwing $4M Behind Gay Republican For LA Mayor

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Irony.

In an attempt to revive the Republican Party in California, veteran media strategist Fred Davis is pinning the GOP’s hopes on LA’s gay Republican mayoral candidate (and not former star of The King of Queens) Kevin James.

Davis, who has worked his advertising magic on Arnold Schwarzenegger and George W. Bush (we’re guessing it’s black magic), has formed the super PAC, Better Way LA. The committee has raised nearly $500,000 for James’ bid for mayor of Los Angeles, with plans to collect at least another $3.5 million.

Davis believes that James, a former prosecutor, could “reignite” the Grand Old Party in California, where Democrats control two-thirds of the seats in the Legislature and Republican voter registration has fallen below 30%.

He plans to position James as the “only one capable” of fixing LA, citing candidates City Controller Wendy Greuel and City Council members Eric Garcetti and Jan Perry as “part of the problem.”

James can certainly use the help as his rivals have dramatically outraised him in the lead-up to the March 5 election and is reportedly “thrilled” by Davis’ intense and not at all desperate interest in his campaign.

“If private citizens want to step up and support my campaign,” he told the Los Angeles Times, “I’m willing to have any kind of support that’s willing to come my way.”

James may live to regret those words since Davis isn’t known for his scruples:

Davis drew fire earlier this year for pitching a commercial against President Obama that, had it aired, would have exploited the Democrat’s ties to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Davis also took heat for a campaign ad in Michigan that depicted a Chinese woman speaking broken English and talking about jobs that had been exported to China.

But Davis sees that simply as the ends justifying the means, or as he put it: “People are more concerned about winning than the press on a couple ads.”

Photo: Kevin James for Mayor Facebook