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GOProud Has Forgiven Doug Manchester’s Support of Prop 8. Why Won’t You?

The truth is that there is absolutely no reason, outside of their slavish loyalty to big labor, that any gay organization continues to honor this boycott. Mr. Manchester apologized and has generously offered to make financial amends with the gay community. What more does the gay left want at this point? The bottom line is that we lost the battle over Prop 8, and if we want to win in the future we need to be in the business of making new friends not more enemies.

—Jimmy LaSalvia (pictured, left), executive director of GOProud, explaining why the group hosted a reception for pundit Tammy Bruce (second from right) at the hotel this weekend. GOProud has so far accepted at least $16,000 from Manchester, who’s trying to give away $125,000 to gay groups, the same amount he donated to Prop 8. [via release]

Adds GOProud chairman Christopher Barron (pictured, right):

The gay left chose to stand with the union bosses while GOProud chose to stand up for the gay employees of the Manchester Grand Hyatt. We will not be bullied by the angry intolerant voices of the left and we will not sit idly by while gay workers pay the price for the strong arm tactics of the gay left – tactics that seek to stifle dissent and silence disagreements at any cost, even if the cost is the jobs of countless gays and lesbians.

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