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GOProud Is Not An Extension Of The Republican Party, We’re Being Told To Believe

We aren’t aligning ourselves with one party we are aligning ourselves with one ideology. We are not a partisan organization. We do not consider ourselves an auxiliary of the Republican Party. We are a non-partisan conservative organization. Indeed, we would be open to endorsing non-Republican candidates if they supported our legislative agenda. GOProud believes strongly that it is principles – not partisanship – that matter.

—Christopher Barron, chairman of GOProud, evidently forgetting that the name of his organization has “GOP” right there in the title [via]

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  • Jonathan

    Who cares what this self-aggrandizing blowhard says? I don’t care if he’s GOP, but denying the affiliation and making vague comments about ideology isn’t going to win any converts.

    Christopher Barron – next time Ann Coultwr spits in your face remember – you deserve it.

  • Cam

    Then they need to stop shilling for the GOP and trying to explain away every single homophobic action coming out of there.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    I’m still waiting for him to defend conservative voters not giving one single gay GOP candidate, a winning vote.

  • Rick Gold

    Such bigotry and intolerance from the Gay Left which CONTINUALLY tells us that its core values of openness, inclusiveness and tolerance is not surprising.

    Shakespeare said it best: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

    The HRC, GLAAD and the other divisions of GAYCORP treat GLBT conservatives with disdain and say that we are traitors to our own cause.

    Keep allying yourself with do-nothing Democrats who pump you for money, make grand promises and then take equality off the table when they are elected.

    Meanwhile, I am voting libertarian.

  • Cam

    @Rick Gold: said..

    Such bigotry and intolerance from the Gay Left which CONTINUALLY tells us that its core values of openness, inclusiveness and tolerance is not surprising. ”


    Sorry Rick, I’ve lived in DC long enough to recognize the latest fashionable excuses. And the latest, what we’ve been seeing from groups like the Mormons and the Ex gays are the “Gee, you’re bigots, because you don’t like us” line.

    Sorry, but in my group of friends there are many REGISTERED gay republicans, lately they are not VOTING republican, and they are completely aware of the fact that the party has become loaded with anti-gay bigotry. Instead of doing what GOProud does and excuse the behavior of the GOP lately, they admitt the behavior and to their annoyance have had to become one issue voters.

    GOProud isn’t a bad group because they are republicans, they are bad because they have sought to minimize and cover for the anti-gay rhetoric and actions of the party rather than admit them and try to work to change them. When you shill for people that are trying to hurt others, you cannot claim it is bigotry that those same people are not happy with your actions.

    PAtrick Guarino, the former Log Cabin republican leader was a man of integrity. He believed in GOP ideals, but fought back against the homophobia by refusing to endorse George Bush when his campaign became full of anti gay rhetoric. THAT is integrity, trying to make excuses for homophobia, makes you a hack and a shill.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Rick Gold: Calling bullshit when you see it is not bigotry and intolerance.

    A real conservative believes that government’s rights end where my nose begins. GOProud keeps company with right wingers who think the only legit purpose of government is to outlaw behavior they don’t like. That’s not being conservative – that’s being bigoted.

  • whatever

    @Rick Gold: Yaaawn.

  • dizzle

    oh, shut the fuck up, rick gold, you fucking patty hearst loser.

    We’re tolerant, but we’re not going to tolerate your bigotry, mmmkay? Big difference between being inclusive with blacks and women, and supporting candidates who want to take away our rights, candidates who whip up votes by denying us rights. I’m so sick of this persecutionist crap you guys always peddle. Grow up. These people don’t like you. In montana (in 2010!!!!) the GOP wrote in its platform they wanted to criminalize homosexuality. Because that’s fucking crazy. No, they’re not all out and out bigots, but make no mistake, a large faction of these goons would wipe us out given the chance.

    You’re supporting people who hate you. End of story.

    With dems it’s going in inch forward, while it’s 3 feet back with the GOP. Don’t make shit up and say the republicans will EVER have our best interests at hand.

  • jason

    I totally agree with GOProud about the need for principles. Good on them for bringing this up.

    On the whole, I don’t see many principles in the America of today. Everything is “whose side are you on?”. It’s as if you are forced to take a partisan position and then argue from that point even if you might agree with the other side. There’s a certain fake nature to this whole set-up.

    A lot of people also forget that there are two types of conservatives. There’s the conservative who believes that governments should stay out of people’s lives, including our own. Then there are the conservatives whom I refer to as the “morality socialists”. These conservatives have a doctrinaire approach to life, often religious in its basis, which seeks to impose a certain standard on everybody.

    More power to GOProud. I’ve gotten sick and tired of fake gay advocates in the Democratic Party and liberalism in general.

  • Jason

    @jason: Those “fake gay advocates in the Democratic party and liberalism in general” gave you a repeal of DADT, a ban on discrimination against gay partners in all hospitals in the US, gay marriage and/or civil unions in many states across the country, worked tirelessly for funding for AIDs research, and have only been fighting for your right to exist, free from discrimination for the past 40+ years.

    I’m all for gay conservatives and gay Republicans trying to change the rabid and rampant homophobia that is a tenet of the modern conservative movement, the GOP and its proxy, the teabagging party, but they have a long way to go. More power to them, but lets not turn them into de facto heroes by diminishing the work done by others – primarily liberal Democrats – to push gay rights front and center.

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