what boycott?

GOProud Is Staying at Doug Manchester’s Grand Hyatt, And Loving It

Hosting a reception today for Tammy Bruce, the lesbian conservative radio show host who believes marriage should be reserved for heteros, GOProud has taken over part of the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego. And they’re loving it!

Chairman Christopher Barron, who will likely be working on his red tan by the pool, isn’t afraid of you homos calling for a boycott of the hotel over owner Doug Manchester’s $125,000 donating to pass Prop 8. “Dear Boycotters of the Manchester Grand Hyatt – It’s really really nice here. That is all :D,” he tweeted today.

They even welcomed him, appropriately, with a fruit basket. Because what Doug Manchester lacks in civility he makes up for in amenities. Oh, and he also threw $16,000 to GOProud, which the group happily accepted.