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GOProud Might Be Sponsoring CPAC. But The Gays Won’t Be Allowed to Even Open Their Mouths


We’ve already shrugged off GOProud’s sponsorship of the annual conservative-fest CPAC — something anti-gay conservative groups also parcicipating in the conference refuse to do. But here’s one way Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber can sleep at night: CPAC won’t be letting anyone from GOProud speak at the conference. And they didn’t even want to!

Remember how we called GOProud — the barely-acknowledged-by-gays group that splintered from the Log Cabin Republicans — a joke? And how its head Jimmy LaSalvia (pictured) holds no cred? Well our suspicions have been confirmed!

In an email to Texas conservative radio host Adam McManus, reports cult website World Net Daily, CPAC organizer David Keene said GOProud “has signed on as a CPAC co-sponsor, but will have no speakers and we told them that, in fact, since opposition to gay marriage, etc are consensus positions (if not unanimous) among conservatives, these topics are not open to debate.”

And GOProud still signed on! They agreed to sponsor a conference that, from the get go, imposed a non-negotiable neutering on their very message. Haha.

So who’s the real winner here? CPAC! This radical group of conservatives gets to say, publicly, they are willing to listen to the interests of gay Americans. But that’s not true at all. They are merely willing to let gay Americans stand idly by them in the same room.

But does GOProud also walk away a winner? Also yes! Because it gets to say it’s ingratiated itself into the upper echelon of conservatives, even if these conservatives can’t stand ’em.

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  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    So how’s that unquestioning support of the Democrats working out for you?
    – No ENDA yet…
    – No repeal or stop-order on DADT…
    – No progress on gay marriage, even in Democratic-controlled states…including New Jersey.
    – A Mormon still is leader of the US Senate…
    – And Pres. Obama is still firmly against gay marriage.

    Oh, that’s right. …Geffen and the boytoy did sit at the POTUS’ table last month. This is the “Change You Can Believe In” promised?

  • Dale

    at least he doesn’t publically hate us, as every republican does.

  • InExile

    You have to feel for these gay republicans, I mean Obama has all but pushed gays out the door while the GOP openly hates us. We really have nowhere to go anymore, we should start our own party.

  • Republican

    GOProud might not have much power, but I think you entirely miss the point. There really is no place for gay conservatives to go in this country.

    I’m not talking about self-hating “ex-gay” conservatives who are against gay rights, but real, proud gays who hold conservative views on a variety of other topics. Sure, being Democrats, you may disagree with such ideas, but that doesn’t mean a lot of gays don’t hold them. I know quite a few gays who are strong conservatives on some major issues.

    As for The Log Cabin Republicans, that organization has been very poorly managed. That’s why some of us, despite the signs, were hopeful that GOPRoud would turn out well. The proper response to a statement like that from CPAC is a big “Fuck You!” Since GOProud is apparently still willing to attend and sponsor a forum where gay rights can’t even be discussed, it’s clear that it has no balls, so it doesn’t deserve our support.

  • Jason Vorva

    Yeah this is a huge joke. I had no opinion on GOProud. Now I do. A big opinion. And its not good.

  • naghanenu

    Someone explain the meaning of irony….yep this is it

  • Someone who knows

    GOProud is a joke and this issue is totally fake. Log Cabin Republicans has not only co-sponsored but also had their representatives be a featured speaker at CPAC as little as 3 years ago…GOProud hasn’t done anything new…these guys are a bunch of hacks.

    The only reason why CPAC even get into this mess is b/c they’re the biggest money whores out there. Remember when David Keene from the American Conservative Union got in trouble b/c he was trying to extort mega $$$ from UPS over some labor issues? Same people/same organization that do CPAC.

    What goes around comes around. CPAC needs the money….GOProud has nothing to offer them.

  • johnosahon

    @Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    I love how you forgot to mention that NONE of those things in your list have been done due 90% to your party (republicans) saying NO to everything on that list.

    I guess you are too busy kissing their asses to mention that.

  • JB

    Its very sad too because if you talk to the College Republicans (with the exception of their leader who was chosen by a miniscule few) they by and large don’t care about homosexuality. In fact, most of them support gay marriage and realize that the older generation is digging a ditch on this.

    As a Log Cabin Republican (real gay conservatives) I think its unfortunate that the GOP has chosen the route of the Christianist Race Revolution as the Evangelicals bankrupted this country and looted our government with “compassionate conservatives.”

    What we need is a strong libertarian-leaning party that believes in laissez-faire economics and social libertaianism… at least to an extent where it can govern properly and not come off like the Ron Paul kooks.

  • Josh

    Well Obama did sign the hate crimes bill into law which is the first federal law that acknowledges gays. This is important because as more federal laws recognize gays it will be easier for judges to make the case that gays are a protected “suspect class”.

    And symbolism is culture matters too (so things like him speaking to HRC and having gays in his inaugural activities, and mentioning gays in speeches does help on a cultural level).

    Of course he still needs to move on DADT and ENDA.

    People are delusional if they think that the Dems or the Repubs will move to repeal DOMA though. That would be the same as supporting gay marriage to a lot of common folks and even California and Maine weren’t ok with gay marriage.

    But Obama is still the most gay friendly President that we have ever had.

    Most of the Republican Senators and Representatives during the debates about the hate crimes bill equated gays with pedophiles.

    If you support the Republican party, you support bigots. It is that simple. Besides a few moderates on the coasts they are controlled by the far right lunatic fringe. They are racists, homophobes, xenophobes, anti-intellectual, pro-war/torture, and anti-poor.

  • Attmay

    @9 JB:

    Continuing to abandon the party en masse is what allowed goyische scum to gain control over the party in the first place and the reason Democrats do nothing. They’re not only trying to drive out gays but all decent human beings who would otherwise be Republicans. Hell, they’d throw Ronald Reagan out of the party for opposing the Briggs Amendment.

    When William F. Buckley, Jr. started National Review he banished the anti-semites on the Right to the fringes on which they belonged (some inexplicably hung on, like Pat BuchanaNazi). The time to purge homophobes from conservatism is now if it is to survive at all.

    GOProud will remain a splinter group for those who choose party over principle, while Log Cabin Republicans is the real deal. Their refusal to endorse Bush (or anyone) after the FMA debacle shows they have principles. They are the ones who have earned the right to be proud.

    @10 Josh:

    “But Obama is still the most gay friendly President that we have ever had.”

    Donnie McClurkin, the pro-DOMA brief, and the continuation of DADT beg to differ with you. But party trumps principles for those of you who still support the Jackass Party. You’re like abused spouses who believe your abuser “still loves you anyway.”

    Hate crimes are the moral equivalent of terrorism, and those who commit them should be treated the same way terrorists have been. And if that includes torture, then so fucking be it. I would love to see some gay-bashing scum waterboarded just like a terrorist. I think the death penalty should be mandatory in the case of fatal hate crimes, and the new bill (which had to be tacked onto a military spending bill) does not go far enough.

    Leftists love the poor…so much that they continue to create them with their economic policies that have been tried and failed, and European countries are moving away from them slowly but surely. Even China’s markets are freer even though their human rights situation is little different than it was 20 years ago. And now the government thinks it can force people to buy a product whether or not they want to. Mussolini would be proud.

    Governments that threaten peaceful nations and support oppression must be destroyed. Too bad in ramping up the War in Afghanistan, Barack Obullshit thinks beggars can be choosers while continuing to discharge gay soldiers.

    And what is this government doing to stop the Ugandan Gay Holocaust? I doubt they’re even going to count the bodies.

    Regarding economics, defense, or the role and size of government, the Religious Wrong has no principles that aren’t directly related to their heretic religious beliefs. Whoever pays lip service to Jesus the most gets their vote. Hell, many of them endorsed Jimmy Carter in 1976!

  • LukasP

    Republicans gay or straight make themselves look bad by consistently favoring the right-wing religious conservatives and downplaying the moderate factions. We hear mostly what the Reps are against, not as much about what they’re for. Obama has made symbolic progress, signed the hate crimes legislation, and his admin. appears to be in stealth mode on DADT.

    Healthcare reform and jobs will have greater impact on many GLBTs’ lives than than gay marriage, so if he/they can get those subjects addressed and moved on, then we’ll be better off than before. I still want the right to marry, of course, but that’s not my top priority now. Anyone else feel the same?

  • tjr101

    I can’t help but laugh at the log cabiners on here who keep bringing up how Obama hasn’t repealed DADT and ENDA as an excuse to kiss ass the GNOPE party.

    Obama acknowledges the LGBT community. Has signed Hate crimes legislation and the doors in the White House are wide open for the community to come in voice their concerns and even curse him out. In time DADT will be repealed and ENDA implemented all without a single GNOPE vote!
    I don’t believe DOMA will be repealed in my life time and I’m in my late twenties, the current congress is still too conservative.

    There is no such thing as gay -friendly Republicans… there are the RINO’s and then there are the majority Christian Taliban led by Limbaugh, Bachmann and Palin.

  • GayBoi76

    Why should I feel sorry for gay republicans, I have yet to meet one that doesn’t express hatred and resentment towards other lgbt people and blindly supports the republican party.

  • naghanenu

    These guys remind of those people who try so hard to get into cool parties but are rejected when they get there.

    Gays and Republicans. Thats hilarious. Especially when republicans see all of you as sex deviants and disgusting flies
    that should be swatted at the soonest opportunity.

    How many republicans voted yes on NY marriage bill? Didnt 5 previously undecided repubs just come out against gay marriage in New Jersey?

    These guys should stop decieving themselves.

  • terrwill

    Makes about as much sense as a Kosher nazi group………..

  • Republican

    “Why should I feel sorry for gay republicans, I have yet to meet one that doesn’t express hatred and resentment towards other lgbt people and blindly supports the republican party.”

    You need to get out more.

  • LukasP

    Gay Republican Household:

    Skip: “Gee, Bunky, why didn’t we get invited to any of those supercool CPAC afterparties? I heard there was going to be hot-tubbing and a cognac fountain?”

    Bunky: “Gosh, Skip, you’d think that once we signed the Code of Silence paperwork that they’d include us!”

    Skip: “Well, we will just HAVE to crash that party. Let’s ring up some lipstickish lesbians so we’ll fit right in!”

    Bunky: “THAT will show them we mean business!”

    Together: “We’ll show THEM we’ re just like they are–only better!”

    The End.

  • Brian NJ

    More bitch bottom let-me-serve-you Stepford wife “activism” from gays on the right, too. Wait till they find out the Joe Solomnese model is a one trick pony.

  • J.T.

    There are usually a lot of libertarian groups at CPAC. I’m with Campaign for Liberty, and our college group is going to try and find a way to support GOProud. Partly because we don’t like the religious right, partly because we’re against this kind of discrimination, partly because gay republicans (a surprising 25% of the gay vote) have to be one of the most ignored voting blocks in the country, and then for the selfish reason that if the religious right wins this battle, then it will be difficult to sell a libertarian message in the atmosphere that it will create.

  • Nathan

    The left treats the gay community like an ATM, and gay democrats let them…Don’t blame republicans for a lack of progress on gay issues, blame gay democrats that won’t do a thing about it.

    Sara Palin’s first veto in office was a law that would have withheld domestic partner benefits to state employees. And Obama is given credit for lip service? And not even lip service in support of marriage or serving in the military?

    I understand the need for baby steps as it applies to CPAC. It’s not significantly different (on an organizational level) than gay members of congress not being allowed to pursue gay rights issues. Or do they just not want to? Let’s face it. Tammy Baldwin and other out democrat members of congress are the worst thing to happen to the gay community.

    For republicans in general I have not seen the animosity towards gays that I have seen from those on the left…especially when they advocate being treated fairly by the left.

    You want to be a democrat? Fine, but don’t bother saying it’s because democrats are supportive of gay issues….you aren’t fooling anybody but yourself.

  • james_cambridge

    “Gay Republican” is as disturbing and disgusting a term as “Black KKK Member” or “Jewish Neo-Nazi”. No amount of justification from self-loathing homos will ever make it ok. If you like money that much, call yourself a fucking Libertarian and vote as such…stop degrading yourselves by joining a party that thinks you’re sub-human.

  • Adrian Salsgiver

    How can anyone say GOProud has no power? Many gay-bashing groups will not be attending CPAC – because of GOProud. Because of GOProud there will be less killings of innocent teen Americans this year. If you can come up with anything better or more powerful, please let me know.

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