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GOProud’s Barron: ‘No One Should Be Surprised’ Ann Coulter Said Terrible Things About Gays At HomoCon

We celebrated by asking Ann Coulter to speak, and Ann Coulter was exactly who we thought she was when we invited her. Ann is someone who we disagree with on issues like marriage, but is also one of the funniest, most provocative, and – yes – controversial conservatives out there. Ann’s participation in Homocon helped this organization raise a substantial amount of money, money that will help us continue to push our agenda of common-sense conservative solutions to the challenges facing gay and lesbian families. No one should be surprised that Ann was controversial and no one should be surprised at the histrionics from the left about her appearance. The truth is that if the left showed half as much outrage over Iran’s brutal treatment of gay people as they did about our party in New York, we might take their criticism seriously.

—GOProud Chairman Christopher Barron, clearly enthusiastic about the publicity Homocon’s headliner is generating, in a post-event statement