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GOProud’s Jimmy LaSalvia Isn’t Trying To ‘Pick Fights’ With Anyone

“I’m Mr. Nice Guy,” says Jimmy LaSalvia, the former real estate agent-cum-GOProud head, this week of his role in politics. “The thing about it is, I don’t go around picking fights with people. I try to engage with folks and find common ground.” I mean, I guess? Because this was LaSalvia at CPAC 2010, talking about their booth neighbors at the National Organization for Marriage: “Who’s the pansy at CPAC?” Maybe that sounds engaging and I’m just hearing it wrong?

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  • peter k

    he’s a passive-aggressive shit.

    oops did i just type that?

  • Atomicrob

    I still think it’s a rather pointless organization full of self-loathing–but wealthy–gay guys.

  • Casey

    He used to be a realtor? No wonder he looks exactly like Madison Hildebrand from Million Dolllar Listing and just as stupid.

  • Disgusted Gay American

    How exactly is GoProud ..proud of anything….they’re against MOST LGBT RIGHTS and for Equality…so,what are THEY Proud of….thier money?

  • TwlightoftheDogs

    @Disgusted Gay American: Its marketing for the GOP over the gays who want to be Republicans, but can’t point to any reason to do so.

    The GOP did the same back in the day with race. Look back in the late 70s-early 90s. The whole Trojan Horse here is to pretend to be okay with the identity politics (which some gays will buy into not understanding that its not just about identity) while denying everything that the minority group is seeking in terms of equality.

    Classic divide and conquer.

  • Pete

    GOProud is a gay group like Westboro is a church.
    It’s because of the hard work of the dreaded “Left” that GOProudlings denounce that they even dare show their faces in public, especially among tose (the Republicans) who fight to shove all gays back into the closet. LaSalvia can play hairdresser with Chris Barron.

  • DCnative

    So what you guys are saying is . . . Mr. Lasalvia is an Uncle Tom, degrading his own kind just to gain favor with the enemy? Kind of like, say, Bill Cosby does when he trashes young black men for their language and attitude, right? Jesus Christ, get a clue. LaSalvia is out there working to make life better for people like you and me by convincing the “enemy” that we, in fact, are not the enemy. Unlike most of you, I suspect, who, instead of spending your time proactively trying to open avenues for gays by building bridges to the straight community, can only sit at your computers and whine about what victims you are. If you honestly think Jimmy LaSalvia is a bad guy who’s out to harm you, then you need a serious lesson in ethics.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Pete: Not only that, but LaSilva and Barron are just like Fred Phelps – big attention whores with nothing to say.

    Nothing against a group of gay republicans trying to work within the party to promote gay rights. But that isn’t what these guys do. They work on gays to promote the republican party.

  • Shannon1981

    I still don’t see how anyone takes GOProud seriously. The Rethuglican’ts hate them because they are gay. The gay left hates them because they are hardly pro gay rights, and they look like fools. These are the types who, without their money, would be NOTHING.

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