GOProud’s Jimmy LaSalvia “Likes” The Idea Of Shooting Obama… Or Does He?

So-called “gay conservative group” GOProud has a laundry list of bad life choices: not only are they BFFs with Ann Coulter, but they’ve also used a gay bashing to push for weaker gun laws, don’t like non-normal gay people and are totally okay with saying “faggot.”

And add this one to the list: GOProud Executive Director Jimmy LaSalvia recently “liked” a Facebook comment about assassinating President Obama. But did he mean to? Let’s investigate…

Bil Browning from Bilerico.com gives us the deets:

Over on Executive Director Jimmy LaSalvia’s Facebook page, he posted about being in the DC bookstore President Obama visited on Saturday. One of LaSalvia’s cronies, Drew Sweatte, responds “Too bad you didn’t have your .38 special on you!” and gets chastised lightly by the conservative leader.

“Not ok to even joke about Drew,” says LaSalvia in response. While LaSalvia dutifully chides Sweatte, he also indicated his tacit approval by “liking” the comment. Apparently it’s not okay to “joke” about assassinating the president, but LaSalvia still likes the idea.

So, the head of GOProud doesn’t think its okay to joke about killing the president, but he certainly like the idea, right? Well, in response to Browning’s post, LaSalvia says this whole thing is just one big accident:

I was on a mobile device and was trying to delete that comment. I, of course do not “Like” that comment. I wrote my comment because I realized that I couldn’t delete his comment. I didn’t even realize I had “Liked” it until I read this blog posting. In the future, feel free to contact me any time if you have questions about anything I do before you jump to assumptions and write something about it.

We checked. It’s not so easy to delete a Facebook comment via iPhone. But it is easy to “unlike” a comment. So why LaSalvia bothered leaving his friend’s comment with a “like” is anyone’s guess. At least it seems that he’s deleted the thread now.

Either way, LaSalvia might wanna pay someone to start moderating and approving all the comments on his Facebook page, just like Sarah Palin, just to avoid accidentally “liking” any future assassination plots.

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