Gorgeous Matt Bomer Takes Son, But Not Hubby, To Super Bowl

Perusing JustJared today, we learned  that White Collar star Matt Bomer and his cute-as-a-button son, Kit, are at the Super Bowl. Paparazzo caught up with the White Collar star and kinder at the DirecTV Super Saturday Night Verizon NFL Training Ground event at Indianapolis’ Victory Field yesterday, where they happily posed for photos.

Noticeably absent from the scene was Matt’s partner, Simon Halls, with whom he’s raising Kit and brothers Henry and Walker.

Whether Halls stayed home or was eating a giant Toblerone  in their hotel suite, we’re not sure. But it does raise questions about what qualifies as being an “out” celebrity. Across the Interwebs, commenters have debated whether Bomer is openly gay: Some say he’s about as out as you can get without a People magazine cover, others claim he’s shamefully closeted, and still more say he has a right to live a private existence.

But if a celebrity is willing to drag their children into the spotlight with them, as Bomer appears to be doing at the Super Bowl, is it hypocritical to not be upfront about the other members of the family? This is hardly the first time Bomer has brought his kids into the public arena. And since Halls is a veteran Hollywood publicist, we’re sure the couple has discussed the issue at length.

So does being partially out count? We’re not sure how we stand on the issue, but any actor who puts their young child before the cameras can’t be said to be living “a private existence.”

NOTE: While it appears Halls may have be in Indianapolis with Bomer and their children, he was not included in the 20+ images from this event that were presented to the media. That in itself is telling.

Photo: Charlie Gallay/Getty Images


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  • Laura

    You are ridiculous. Simon WAS there. You can see him in several picture, just not the 3 where Matt is with Kit. WHY DO YOU NEED TO STIR UP TROUBLE WHERE THERE ISN’T ANY?!

  • ioio

    Woah, maybe would be good to know things before posting about them…
    His husband was there, you based an entire article on… nothing? Congrats.

  • NikeR

    Ridiculous is a compliment… Why people write articles without actually knowing about what they’re writing?

  • kris

    Right on, Laura. Matt never tries to “hide” Simon, he just lives his life and doesn’t
    act like publicity hungry celebs who flaunt their partners/kids at every chance they get.

  • Marcela

    You guys are not good researcher, are you? Simon was there too. You should look at the pics more carefully.

  • lola

    Get your facts straight, Matt’s partner was there,Kit was right next to Matt when the photographer caught him and Simon was a little more far away in the background (the photographer probably just asked for a picture with his son and didn’t ask for one with his partner so no reason to ask him to come to pose). Furthermore Matt and Simon posed together for the press at least twice at public events, the pictures are all over Internet. Matt wore ostensibly his wedding band yesterday, the only thing he could have done to make his personal life more public was to wear a Tshirt “As I need to spell it for you,I’M a GAY-married homosexual GAY queer, can’t you just fcking get over it? PS: I’m a human being and an actor who doesn’t want to be defined (only) by his sexuality, with love MB xoxo”.

  • Deb

    Queerty, maybe you should just do the respectable thing and delete this “article” or whatever kind of “news” you think this is.
    Simon was there and Matt was wearing his ring.

  • MattCA181

    “But if a celebrity is willing to drag their children into the spotlight with them, as Bomer appears to be doing at the Super Bowl…”

    Uh, yeah because virtually the entire nation (me not included)will be watching this event. Many of whom would sell their grandma to be at the stadium right now. Most little boys like sports. Or does America hate football now?

    And as many already pointed out, Matt Bomer has really never hid his husband from the public- he’s just sort of there in the background existing.

  • AS

    Matt is NOT hiding his husband. His husband was with him at the “In Time” movie premier. Both of them sitting in the limo and pictures are all over the internet. They are also photographed for the Trevor Live 2011 and one other time. Do the research before talking crap. Why must you bully people?

  • Monique

    There is nothing like attending live events, particularly sporting events, so why on Earth wouldn’t Matt take his son if he has that opportunity and, as previous commenters have said, Simon was there, just not in the photos.

  • Lynne

    Simon is not famous. Why would he be in a photo? He’s there, if you know where to look and aren’t trying to push an agenda. Gay people are dying everyday because of bullying… is the biggest gay bully of them all.

    Do your research before you post next time….of by the way, since you are SOOOOO big on declaring orientation. I’m straight. Love gay people. Enough for you?

  • Patti

    As has been pointed out, his husband WAS there. But so what if he wasn’t?? Straight celebrities keep their relationships private and their partners out of the spotlight ALL THE TIME? It’s none of our business what he and his family choose to do.

    Get over yourselves.

  • queertypie

    DAN AVERY, care to comment, rebuttal, retract? and what’s up with the “closeted celebrities” tag?

  • Jo

    Why do you even care if Simon was there or not?! And yes, as the other says, he was actually there. Let him live his life as he wants, he’s not obliged to say anything about his PRIVATE life if he doesn’t want.
    And please, try to learn what’s NOH8 is about and stop the bullying and bashing.

  • Christopher

    Queerty has posted some irresponsible articles in the past, but this is beyond ridiculous. It is blatantly and demonstrably false. Just delete it, or print a retraction, save what credibility you can.

  • Monique

    Re. the note added to the article: Well, Simon has appeared in at least a couple of “official” photos with Matt in the past few months, so how is him not being in these photos telling exactly?

  • Jo

    C’mon guys, this Dan Avery guy is just envy of Simon ’cause he wanna fuck Matt but he knows he’ll never have a chance ;)

  • A

    Matt & Simon have been photographed together before, for example at the Trevor gala project, in a pic with Neil & David, done by the official photographer of the gala. Simon was even in the red carpet. Just an example.

  • AS

    Have no not seen pictures of Matt and Simon together before?? They have been on many official photos. You “note” is really ignorant.

  • Christopher

    Well first of all, it looks like he does appear in the background of some of the photos. Secondly, Simon isn’t a public figure. Third, you would need to compare photos from the same photographer to see if others appeared with significant others in their press photos. Fourth, this wasn’t a couple’s event like a red carpet.

    I looked back into queerty’s coverage of Matt Bomer, and it does seem that certain writers have a problem with him for whatever reason. The editors ( if anyone actually edits these things) should be aware that your animus towards Mr. Bomer is becoming apparent, especially with a refusal to admit that this article is simply put….false.

  • Christopher

    By the way, the child in the photos is Kit. He is Simon’s son, not Matt Bomers. It took approximately 30 seconds to find the birth notice from September 2005.

  • Dan Avery

    The point of this article is to prompt a discussion about whether celebrities can legitimately be semi-out. And let’s be honest, Bomer qualifies as semi-out. That’s really the claim made here, and I stand by it.

    Saying that because Halls and Simon have been photographed together here or there means he’s out is naive or disingenuous. Bomer has been photographed with Kathie Lee Gifford and Darren Criss as well—are we to assume he’s raising children with them?

    Those who know who Hall is and know his relationship with Bomer will recognize him in publicity photos, but the general public will think he’s just some random person. When Matt Damon and Chris O’Donnell bring their families to a media event, the entire family is photographed and identified. Even if their spouse is not a “name.”

    The point is every representation of a celebrity is carefully scrutinized by by the star and their team. Can we honestly say it was coincidence that Halls is just out of range in the photo set?

    Whether that was a decision made by Bomer, his handlers, the photographers, Verizon, the NFL or someone else is unknown.

    Of course Matt Bomer is free to disclose his orientation or keep it to himself. But this isn’t about respecting privacy or bullying anyone. Its about a celebrity wanting to control his image—something ALL celebrities do. Bomer clearly wants the world to know he’s a dad—and is happy to put his kids in the spotlight. He’s just doesn’t want to put his husband in the spotlight. No one can definitely say why that’s the case, but 100 years of closeted Hollywood stars suggests its because he doesn’t want to publicly identified as a gay actor.

  • Laura

    @Dan Avery: How many times do you have to re-write the same article with a few different words? “Bomer Brigade” is an offensive series. Queerty is the site perpetuating this bullshit conversation. Get over yourselves. You are being outed as bullies on twitter. Enjoy.

  • Aki

    dog chasing its tail . nobody is changing his /her opinion on the matter . And what’s up with the fangirl invasion?

  • Jo

    “He’s just doesn’t want to put his husband in the spotlight. No one can definitely say why that’s the case, but 100 years of closeted Hollywood stars suggests its because he doesn’t want to publicly identified as a gay actor.”
    Couldn’t it be that his husband doesn’t want to be put in the spotlight?! You know, not everyone like to be the center of all the attention.

    And seriously, you’re becoming worse that Perez with all this hate and bullying.

  • Hephaestion

    Remove this misleading story please. NOW.

  • Kim

    As you say yourself, Bomer’s partner is in the biz, BUT he’s not a public figure. Maybe he’s “hidden” because HE chooses to be. Bomer’s not the only one in the relationship and the only one making decisions.. And why not mention on this article of yours the gay roles Bomer has taken on? Or the gay charities and events he participates in and supports? Or the charities he supports along with his partner, where they’re mentioned as a couple? That’s clearly someone who’s hiding.

  • uptownpapi

    OMG at all this pearl cluthching.

  • Big Cheese

    This is Queerty hitting new lows if that’s possible. An actor takes his entire family to the Superbowl and gets this BS? Queerty should be more outraged over the homophobic comments on the Jared post which is normal for a Bomer or NPH post or any gay celebrity post and Jared tolerates. Go there and flag homophobia if you want to do some good for our cause.

  • uptownpapi

    @uptownpapi: and yes I know how to spell “clutching”. I just caught the vapors for a moment.

  • Oh Dear (John From England)


    Well said. You took Dan down. He conveniently forgot to mention all the gay charities that Matt supports WITH Halls.

    Do I have to AGAIN post the link of the equality council family dinner where Halls and Bomer are listed as partners hosting the event? Or when they donated money to the group? Or maybe when again, they hosted an ALS event started by Halls dead best friend? Or when they again jointly hosted a Naked Angels event?


  • Oh Dear (John From England)

    @Big Cheese:

    What about all the closeted celebs that Queerty KNOWS are gay but never pick on them? I’m not one to out bit I assume this new team at least work or live in LA or NY, yet NOTHING has been written about Jakey frigging G? But hey, I guess you know he will sue your ass. What a great guy, even though everyone knows about him.

  • Oh Dear (John From England)


    I know. Queerty really go on and on and on!

  • Christopher

    @danavery You can try to spin this anyway you want…this story is false and misleading. The fact that you seem to believe it is acceptable journalism is the only telling thing about this story. His partner (not husband, they haven’t legally married as far as I know), was there,, in the background of the photos, and he had his partner’s children with him. I doubt you have actually ever been to one of these events if you believe every photo gets scrutinized by a team of people. Having actually produced many press events and red carpets, I can assure that is not what happens. it is usually a madhouse of posing, strobes, and general mayhem.

    There were many other celebrities at this event, have you scrutinized any of these photos to determine if wives, girlfriends, etc were in the photos. If not, why no article about someone’s wife being “noticeably absent”? Especially when they weren’t absent after all.

    You state in your comment that who made decisions is unknown, and yet you feel comfortable blaming Mr. Bomer in the article….why is that?

    The Best thing for you to have done, would have been to say “oops” and delete the article or publish correct information. But you decided to double down and claim that you published false information to stir discussion on something that doesn’t require discussion. It’s the same tactic that propaganda organizations use…the “report the controversy” method.

    Your readers will only tolerate so much blatant disregard for facts before they realize it is just easier to go elsewhere than to constantly have to get “journalists” to correct their work.

  • Big Cheese

    @Oh Dear (John From England): Why is Queerty afraid of posting the liars and beards. The list is so long, Kellan, Ian, Henry, Hugh, Jake, zach, the list seems endless.

  • Steve Z

    Here’s a journalistic tip Dan A, next week Mr Bomer will receive a humanitarian award from the Desert Aids
    Project for his great charity work. Maybe you could manage a real story on that or is that against the queerty agenda here?

  • MEJ


    And what’s up with the fangirl invasion?

    I would presume Bomer’s PR team is working overtime.

  • MikeE

    @Steve Z: face the reality, Steve: Queerty is NOT a “news website”. It’s a gossip blog. Come here for poorly written, catty, gossip. Go elsewhere for actual news.

  • MEJ

    I love how all these new commentators are popping up on this particular article. It’s almost like someone sent them here to, oh I don’t know, attack the messenger?

    I’m surprised none has brought up Bomer’s “It Gets Better” video, where he tells gay people to respect other people’s religion.

  • Christopher

    @MEJ: Actually not, just people who are tired of some of the bashing of certain people that goes on here on queerty. They attack celebs they don’t like with slanted stories. Bomer seems to be a favorite target, because apparently he should have “i’m gay” tattooed an his forehead and have simon surgically attached to his hip, in order to be sufficiently out to satisfy one blogger.

    This one is especially annoying because it is a lie. There is no defending that, and I found Dan Avery’s defense of that lie especially condescending and ignorant.

  • Christopher

    @MEJ: Actually there are many of us who read, but only comment if we a tally have something to say

  • MEJ


    Straight celebrities keep their relationships private and their partners out of the spotlight ALL THE TIME?

    Seriously? What planet have you been living on? Hets never shut-up about who they’re fucking.

  • Christopher

    @Christopher: *actually.

  • Mike UK

    @MEJ: I think you’ll find that quite a few of the commentators on this and other threads are the same person just stirring up the shit!

  • oh gud gawd gurl

    I have no idea who this person is but it looks like his stans are ready to go to war. Dan A. looks like you may get G.B’d (glitter bombed)

  • MEJ


    Actually not, just people who are tired of some of the bashing of certain people that goes on here on queerty.

    “Certain people” who happen to be Matt Bomer.

    They attack celebs they don’t like with slanted stories.

    If yuou don’t like the content, start your own website, and write your own articles.

    Bomer seems to be a favorite target,

    He brings it on himself.

    because apparently he should have “i’m gay” tattooed an his forehead

    As opposed to the “I’m not straight, but don’t ask me to elaborate” tattoo he currently has?

    and have simon surgically attached to his hip, in order to be sufficiently out to satisfy one blogger.

    Now you’re just whining.

    This one is especially annoying because it is a lie.

    Lie! Damnable lie!

    There is no defending that, and I found Dan Avery’s defense of that lie especially condescending and ignorant.

    One man’s opinion.

    Actually there are many of us who read, but only comment if we a tally have something to say

    Usually when it’s about Matt Bomer. Tell us again what Simon does for a living?

  • MEJ

    @Mike UK:

    Good point, Mike.

  • teri

    Matt is such an awesome dad sharing such an awesome day with his family.

    After reading the article and the comments, I do not see this article as a prompt for discussion but as a article judging how someone choose to live his life

    yeah, how about some articles on all his charity works. I would like to read that.

  • Christopher


    Not one mans opinion…fact

    Dan Avery reports that Matt Bomer didn’t take Simon Hall to Super Bowl, yet he is in a few photos and he actually did take him…..that is the definition of a lie

    You are entitled to your own opinion, you are not entitled to your own facts.
    And by the way, ” if you don’t lie it, start your own site” is about the lamest response there is. I would hold any site to certain .

    You can accuse honest commenters of being paid shills all you want, it doesn’t make this article true. It’s that simple.


  • JS

    I think Queerty purposely puts up these rather bland stories to get a reaction out of you folks. Obviously, we are all so moved by such misdirected, unprofessional reporting. Clearly, the bacon of this story is in the comments. I don’t know that reverse psychology is the correct phrase, but what I’m thinking is along those lines. Well done, Queerty!

  • Laura

    The “fan girl” invasion is because some of us are tired of this bullshit series of articles that keep saying the same thing over and over and over. If queerty wants to have a reasonable conversation about what is the “right” thing for actors to do or not to do, write a real article. But don’t pretend that this article or any of this previous ones in this series is actually about that. It’s about continually bashing Matt Bomer for his choice to have a private life with his family.

    The “note” at the end of the article is an embarrassment. Ostensibly, the article was about the fact that Matt took his son but not his his partner to the game — as if that had anything to do with Matt’s choices about his personal life — and that wasn’t even true! What a poor defense, queerty.

  • Timmeeeyyy!!!

    @Dan Avery:
    I sometimes wonder if you actually enjoy getting stories wrong.

  • Shannon1981

    @Laura: LOL. I love the level entitlement of straight fans of gay celebs. Fucking sickening…your google alerts sound and you come a runnin’. What makes it so pathetic is that no matter the celeb, its always the same…you can’t get it through your heads that these men don’t want you. They are GAY. Your defense is not needed.

  • Shannon1981

    @Dan Avery: I am always glad for this discussion. The thing is, you are either out or you aren’t. IMHO, Bomer isn’t out. Do we know he is gay? Sure. Do we know who his husband is? Of course. But, until he identifies himself as an actor married to a man, he’s still closeted. IMHO, common knowledge outness doesn’t count. If it did, at least half of us would never have to tell anyone we’re gay to be considered out. We’d just know that everyone knows and that would be it.

  • MEJ


    And by the way, ” if you don’t lie it, start your own site” is about the lamest response there is. I would hold any site to certain .

    Clearly you haven’t read any of your own comments.

    You can accuse honest commenters of being paid shills all you want, it doesn’t make this article true..

    You haven’t denied that you’re a paid shill.

  • MEJ


    The “fan girl” invasion is because some of us are tired of this bullshit series of articles that keep saying the same thing over and over and over.

    Why don’t you use some of your energy trolling anti-gay websites Laura?

    It’s about continually bashing Matt Bomer for his choice to have a private life with his family.

    By dragging his kids out to photo-ops.

  • Aki

    And here we go again . I’m out to family, friends and co-workers. Probably the same way that Matt is out . I’m not out the the random cashier at a gas station or the pizza delivery guy. Why not because, it doesn’t matter, they’re not in my life . But that’s the type of out that is somehow required from celebrities to be really out. Why?

  • Interesting

    The Personal Closet vs. the Public Closet vs. the Work Place Closet etc

    Part of the reason we keep going around and around here is there is that there is a lot of pretending that there is only one type of closet. There are actually several. In fact, every time I meet someone knew, I have to deal with the closet too because they do not yet know I am gay until it comes up. Its easier now, but the pretense that it doesn’t exist if one tells one’s friends and family is a joke.

    I really wish people would define terms here. Is a guy out because he comes to a party where he’s with his partner, but they don’t act like partners in a relationship? I mean- my straight friends hold hands, kiss, etc. I know. I know. Not everyone is into PDA. Yet, for gay people- this “not into PDA” is itself a closet that many hide behind to avoid the discomfort of coming out to everyone in public.

    Its okay in our “comfort zones.” Just not in public. I see this in NYC a lot. NYC. Guys you know are gay. There body language is such that they really want want to touch each other, but you see that moment of fear when the get to close. That fear that shows they may be out to their friends, to themselves, to the family, but not the public, because they are afraid of that unknown.

    You see that with guys in the work place. Sometimes they are out every place else but there. I used to be out in every place in my life except work. Now I come out in my business life too. Not because its a big deal, but precisely because its not a big deal, and I don’t want the extra stress. And yes, hiding it, in any aspect, adds stress.

    I say all of this because – I don’t care if Matt Bomer comes out in his public life. At the end of the day, he’s one actor, who is really more of a B-list than A list.

    Its just funny to read the defenses, which are really defenses of the closet. Different versions of the closet? Sure. But the closet.

  • Interesting

    Re Dishonesty: I am “Out” to everyone but the public. Then you are not completely. If you are too afraid to hold your partner’s hand when you are at the groceries store because you lie to yourself saying “that’s no one’s business” you are still in a closet. Its not the same level of closet as before when no one knew. But you are still in a closet. So, let’s stop making this about some meaningless celebrity. Let’s make this about the posters along this thread who defend this because “he’s not in the closet because I am not in the closet since I do similar things” Yeah, you are in a closet to. You are afraid. I can understand that. I live in a neighborhood where although I am out at work, and with friends and family, I would not hold hands here because I might get attacked phsycially, but I am honest about it. I know what it is I am doing. I know why I am doing it. I am not lying to say that its not a closet. I am not saying I am against PDA. I am not pretending normal affection is political. I am not claiming that when others tell me that its a closet that its not one. So, let’s try a little honesty. that may go along way to reducing the bullshit factor here. And yeah, I am call bullshit that I don’t, once again, in NYC, with a reported gay population of 5-10 percent, see any PDA- at all. I see a couple every 6 months or so, even in a gay area of the city. We are just trained to be in different levels of the closet. Just be honest with yourself even if you can’t be honest here.

  • Interesting

    One final point. I have never known any straight couple, ever, unless they were having an affair, ever really care who knew they were in a relationship regardless of whether it was the clerk in a grocery store, the general public, or any place else. The fact you pretend that you act like this because of privacy is bullshit. Why don’t the straights care about privacy like you do? Do you think this a sign that they have a deficit in their personality or relationship? that they are all exhibitionists? or, maybe, perhaps its because for them it doesn’t matter. Perhaps all this rationalization by gays here is just that- rationalization. People often say “they don’t announce they are straight.” No, they hold hands. They kiss each other. They sit togeter with one laying his or her head on the each other’s shoulder in public without thinking about it. They aall the kinds of stuff that people here quality as “private” its really sad how people lie to themselves. If straights aren’t doing it, and the only ones truly thinking these things are “private” are gay people- that says to me there’s a stigma about these things for gay people.

  • Big Cheese

    Sadly, this particular discussion comes down to two things, Matt B being among the hottest humans to ever live and ad revenue. Face it, if he looked ordinary like current tattoo on forehead out actors or other near out actors, there would be 10 comments tops, or no post at all. Queerty launches posts like this for web clicks to generate ad revenue, so Queerty wins. Where queerty loses is that someone there actually believes that they are actually journalists. This sensational yarn confirms they are not.

  • Interesting

    @Big Cheese: There have been similar posts here about Queen Latifah, Anderson Cooper, others. On other sites too. Unless you are saying gay men want to also fuck Queen Latifah because she’s hot, your comment really is just bullshit. Those articles also get a lot of comments. The reason why is as I stated. They implicate a lot of uncomfortable shit that mos do not want to say about the varying levels in which we are live in closets even if we are out.

  • JayKay

    What’s this? Radical gay leftists crying like petulant children because a celebrity wants to keep his private life private and won’t satiate their need for validation by wearing a giant flashing sign around his neck that reads “I’m gay?” How unusual, that never happens.

  • Interesting

    Yeah, PDA is real leftist.

  • Price Waterhouse

    Still harassing Mr. Bomer, I see. Creeps.

  • really??

    When did taking your son out in public become showing them off for the world to see? He was sharing a moment with his son at a giant spectacle, not doing an interview with his son and Anderson cooper. The fact that he “posed” for photos doesn’t mean that he wanted this to be a P.R. stunt, just that he isn’t an asshole. Though he could help people struggling with their sexuality by coming out, that doesn’t mean that he has an obligation to put out a press release. Everyone, celebrities included have a right to some semblance of a private life. That being said, DAMN he is cute :)

  • Allen D.

    God, Queerty. Fuck off already. Seriously!!!

    This website didn’t used to suck. But it’s been horrible since the ‘relaunch’.

    Call it a day for fuckssakes.

  • Owen

    Look, soon he will have a featured role in “Normal Heart”. Playing a gay in a big gay film, he will be doing press where he will finally HAVE to talk about it. He may, in fact, make the opening of the film (or maybe even his stripper film) a reason to finally set the record straight with the requisite People cover story.

  • val

    I have never heard or read where he says that he is gay or that he is in a relationship with Simon.
    So in my eyes he’s in the closet.
    The only people who know that he is gay, are people in the gay community. All three childrean are Simons not Bomer. He got them before they became a couple.

    The argument that he is playing gay roles, and support gay issues. Does not say anything about his sexuality.

    I think it’s cowardly and it place more pressure on the few other famous gay relationships who are out ther.

  • corvidae

    Yeah, sorry queerty, but I’m getting bored of the Matt Bomer baiting, and the fact checking. He is fit, but can’t you just post some nice pictures of him rather than being mean?
    As for fact checking, standards have dropped and I think everyone has noticed.

  • Oh Dear (John From England)


    Why a People cover? Don’t you think that’s tacky? It would very much go against him as a person judging from the interviews that he gives. I’m not sure how much you know about him but he’s very into giving-both his parents do full time charitable work-and so I imagine if he was ever to proclaim he was gay, it would be on one of his many anti bullying events that he participates in.

    How do you know he doesn’t? Him and his partner are constantly giving money publicly to gay charities. And he’s always talking against bullying. He’s doing a characters unite thing against bullying in…next week? No in a few weeks.

  • Oh Dear (John From England)


    No Queerty is right wing. What is left wing about them? They pick and choose who they want to claim needs to be out. How many Jim Parson articles? At least Bomer is associated with gay charities and events. What about Lee Pace? He’s always with his partner. What about Hugh Jackman? What about Jake Gyllenhaal? What about Henry Cavill that if you google you can find pics of him and his gay crew in West Hollywood? What abut that dweeb Matthew Morrison? I mean there is actually a picture of him in google images having it off with A Coop’s man. Obv from years ago. I could go on but you get the picture that this is a right wing site that picks and chooses who they want to bitch about. Only mean diva fag hags are not insulted.

    Put down your crack pipe you nut job. Yeah, that kid is really giving the Brangelina’s a run for their money! As well as all those wonderful actresses who do the people cover with their bundle of one week old babies! Quick, call children services!

    And I also hope you lovable bully that’s ranting to everyone on this site, go on other celeb sites you like you accused-violently-Laura to do, and rant about the amount of celebrities who are not constantly having babies for money but are also dragging me in places they shouldn’t be at their age-Madonna…Britney.

    But somehow I doubt you even give a shit or care for the welfare of [email protected]Big Cheese: I know. Have you EVER seen anything remotely negative about actors who were outed? Cheyenne Jackson, outed. NPH, outed. They never did this on their own like Quinto OR doing as much stuff like Bomer.

    But then to be fair NPH is honest about not really doing that much. He said so lol when they gave him some award. Which was embarrassing for all but my respect for him grew two fold because he had the gumption to look embarrassed as he knows it’s all publicity branding for his image as mr super gay.

  • adam

    I don’t like Matt Bomer and Simon Halls. They come across as creepy to me.

    As for their apparent game of hide-and-seek, one wonders if it’s coming from Matt or if it’s coming from Simon. Either way, it’s not very edifying. Matt and Simon need to be told that we gays can be relentless once we get going. For instance, once you get our gander up, we have the power to ruin careers.

  • timncguy

    I wouldn’t consider Matt Bomer to be “out” until the general public outside of the gay community is aware that he is gay.

  • SG

    @timncguy etal: Bomer is well known to be gay outside of the gay community – basically by anyone who bothers to google him. If you go ANYWHERE where he is discussed by fans/viewers of his show (including sites like etc.), everyone knows he’s gay, and it’s not an issue. Where it seems to be such an issue – and where he gets bitched at about it – is on gay sites.

    And bitching about Simon not being in photos is ridiculous – it’s nothing to do with Matt. Simon doesn’t like being in photos – the people who know him know this. When he is in photos it’s at events where it would look positively weird for him to duck out of them, but if he can stay in the background, he will – his personal choice. To criticise Matt as if he’s told Simon to stay out of the photos is, frankly, inane, and makes the person saying so look ridiculous.

    And if you see the whole series of photos of the event where Matt was photographed with Kit – rather than cherry picking – it’s obvious that the photographer just came up to Matt while he was standing with Kit waiting for the game to start, he was asked for a photo with his son, and agreed to it. There was no “dragging [Kit] into the spotlight,” and to imply as such is mean and disgraceful, and, yes, bullying tactics.

    I wonder what will happen when Bomer does ‘officially’ announce his orientation – as may well be the case soon – how will you manage to bully him then? Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find a way. At least your hits number will stay high that way.

  • Big Cheese

    @adam: Silly post as matt is so talented, nothing will stop his career that is going through the roof currently. A tiny nit of population rife with righteous indignation because he is living his own life the way he wants to live it?. LOL, He will no doubt lose sleep over your opinion and you possibly bringing his career down. Wake up, you/we have zero power to bring any career down. We can’t even organize a good tv or blog outlet for ourselves, look at Logo and queerty. LOL.

  • Cam

    “”But if a celebrity is willing to drag their children into the spotlight with them, as Bomer appears to be doing at the Super Bowl, is it hypocritical to not be upfront about the other members of the family?”


    Oh, and does anybody notice that whenever there is an article about say, Anderson Cooper, Matt Bomer etc… there are always a bunch of brand new screenames that immediately show up and post these fawning defenses in the first few comments? Likely obsessed fans, or more likely employees of their publicists whose job it is, is to have internet alerts that flag them any time their boss’s client’s name is mentioned online so they can scurry over and be the first posters.

  • Cam

    @SG: said…

    “@timncguy etal: Bomer is well known to be gay outside of the gay community – basically by anyone who bothers to google him. If you go ANYWHERE where he is discussed by fans/viewers of his show (including sites like etc.), everyone knows he’s gay, and it’s not an issue. Where it seems to be such an issue – and where he gets bitched at about it – is on gay sites.”

    Ahhh, the old phony words that they used to use to defend Clay Aiken, Rosie O’Donnell, Jodie Foster, etc…

    Ahhh, these poor folks, the gay community is attacking them. Oh give me a break. Go talk to Clay Aiken and Rosie O’Donnell and ask them if they were “Out” back when all their little fangirls CLAIMED they were out.

    They weren’t Bomer isn’t, and gay sites aren’t asking him to explain the positions he and his boyfriend use in the bedroom.

    Just not acting like being gay is something shameful and to be hidden would be a nice start. Hollywood closet cases have always claimed they were “Out” for ages. Sean P. Hayes, and the guy who played Niles in Fraisure tried the same “B.S.”

  • Halston

    @Big Cheese: I agree with some of what you said, but I also like to say it is none of our business. And, maybe it is his “husband” (maybe I missed it but I never knew they were married)-that does not want to come out or have their relationship in the spotlight. It is possible that some of these stars would just like to keep their personal lives personal and keep the media out of their home. If I were dating a celebrity Im not sure how open I would want them to be about our relationship because I am a very private person and I am not even in the public eye. I would just hate to have my life be tabloid fodder – so yeah I would be in the closet too.

  • Laura

    @Shannon1981: haha wow, your comment is ridiculous. You obviously didn’t read my comments very clearly if you think this has anything to do with me “wanting” him or wanting him to want me. This is about queerty continuing to bully Matt over his decision to be private about his family life.

  • Laura

    @MEJ: I am not trolling this website. I follow things that have to do with Matt, and therefore I continue to see these bullshit articles about him on queerty. This is the first one I’ve bothered to comment on. That doesn’t mean I haven’t seen the whole fracking series since the fall of ’09 when queerty dragged out the pics of Matt kissing his ex-bf in college. So for over 2 years, queerty continues to write the same content about him, dressing it up with slightly different headlines. It’s ridiculous.

    Also, this is the first official picture of Matt with one of his sons — ever. If you took the time to look, there were 3 pictures. The first one is just of Matt, and Kit happens to be next to him, playing with a Nintendo DS. It’s clear that for the next 2 pics, the photog asked Matt to pose with his son. How exactly is that dragging his children into photo-ops?

  • NikeR

    I just read some of the comments and they made me laugh.
    I’m a woman in love with a wonderful woman and I don’t have any interest in being in Matt Bomer’s pants. I don’t deny he’s hot, he’s really really very hot (who dare to say otherwise?) but “he’s not my type”… (If I have to betray my Love I’d choose Tim DeKay now and ever – because, sure, he’s straigh so I have a chance with him… yeah, I really believe this #sarcasm)
    So the “you can’t get it through your heads that these men don’t want you. They are GAY. Your defense is not needed” line is totally false for me. XD
    I’m sure neither Matt Bomer nor Simon Halls needs my defense, I just do it because he’s a person I like; he gives me emotions with his acts, I’m a fan of him and I “know” him (not in person but you can say a lot of a man or a woman by the way s/he relates with other people – fans in this case).
    And I don’t understand why he should “say to the fans” who he’s going to spend his life with if he doesn’t want to. Every straight person out there is gonna say: “Hi, I’m Mr/Ms XXX and I’m straight”? I don’t know, I’m genuinely asking this… If not, I don’t understand why gay people should do that.

  • Danny

    Interesting article. Perhaps the question it really poses is whether members of the media and publicists try to keep certain actors closeted or semi-closeted, when they wouldn’t do that to straight actors.

  • Bryan

    @Big Cheese: Just like you accuse this website of shoddy facts, what exactly is YOUR proof that any of those celebs you listed is gay? Besides the fact that there are lots of rumors about them.

    @Interesting: *clap* Good comment.

  • Oh dear (John From England 2012)


    Cam your another regular Queerty nut job. Just go on Twitter. Go on search. And put Matt Bomer.

    And take your incredible lazy ass and read through at least 30 secs of streams of tweets. There’s a lot every hour but that’s not the point. No my point is that your incredibly judgemental self will see Queerty’s Matt Bomer post. Posted by…Queerty.

    So…duh…if you mention a person on Twitter OR the net, drum roll, it will appear on a google feed or twitter etc..

    So wait for this. If you’re a big fan of a star and Bomer has a helluva lot-you will see this in Twitter-and you a) see an article about your fave actor, you will CLICK on this. If you b) know what Queerty is like so avoid BUT you see the twitter headline they used-it was negative-you will CLICK on it.

    It’s not the complex Cam but I feel like I’m constantly schooling you because you keep on making sh*t up to put people down who you disagree with.

    And please, why would Bomer’s publicist waste their time to comment on a c list site like Queerty, when they don’t even bother commenting on a bigger site like Just Jared, where people are always making homophobic comments when a Bomer post comes on? Again, I’m hoping, though I doubt it, that you did click on the link and saw all those homophobic comments about Bomer.

    It’s just sad because it’s one thing getting lots of mean comments on Just Jared or E! but on a gay site? Well, who needs enemies!

    At least we have Madonna!! Weeeeah!!

  • Oh dear (John From England 2012)


    I can’t say where he lives but I live in a main city. London. London isn’t that BIG when you are into a) the gay scene or b) the creative cool scene-think certain bands/events etc

    Sooo….this means you see LOTS of people. Or your friends hook up with these people. Or you do.

    There this actor, really hot, was walking down-holding hands- Soho with his boyfriend! Much, much older. Still, what?! I won’t say anything about who he is because he really NEVER talks about his private life and seems like a nice guy. But he’s well known. He’s been in blockbusters….

    Also, another place which isn’t that good anymore but me and my mates used to post stuff when we were into the scene, is certain blind item sites like Datalounge, which hasn’t been good for years and HolyMoly, which jumped the shark 7/8 years ago.

    You start to follow the links and then bang, it points to that same person repeatedly.

  • Big Cheese

    @Oh dear (John From England 2012): Well said, but remember his actual detractors are miniscule in numbers hence huge fan base in short time,4th season of hit show and 3 movies in last 6 months with huge directors.He has no worries here whatsoever.I’ve been out and proud for 25 years and looking at comments here,I wouldn’t publicly affiliate myself with this generally bitter group.Also your characterization of Queerty as C list in generous.

  • Oh dear (John From England 2012)


    The husband is a big time publicist who has gone on record-for LA times?-bitching about the ‘help’ publicists, agents, managers, being in the spotlight as well as with a client. At the time it was in relation when that fashion stylists Rachel something was blowing up in Hollywood and he did an interview saying that she has no place as someone working behind the scenes being in the spotlight.

    You could find it on a google search. Not that hidden.

  • Cam

    @Oh dear (John From England 2012): said…

    Cam your another regular Queerty nut job. Just go on Twitter. Go on search. And put Matt Bomer.
    And take your incredible lazy ass and read through at least 30 secs of streams of tweets. There’s a lot every hour but that’s not the point. No my point is that your incredibly judgemental self will see Queerty’s Matt Bomer post. Posted by…Queerty.”

    How funny, you seem to be upset at the posts about Bomer and yet the posts with the most attacks on them are……yours.

    You are on here all the time attacking others, but your reading comprehension skills seem to be lacking. My post was stating that Bomer isn’t out. And it doesn’t matter if other sites or tweets continually out the guy. If he hasn’t said anything then please stop trying to tell me that the guy is out. The same defenses were always used for the other closeted stars before they came out.

    What I can’t figure out is your continual anger and attacks on here. What is it about stating plainly that Matt Bomer is not out of the closet that would cause you to become so unhinged?

    As for calling somebody a nutcase, you may want to rethink…your nuts are showing.

  • Oh Dear (John From England)

    Cam….Cam, you know that isn’t true. You give one sided arguments as strongly as Jason the commenter. Always ONE way. Yours. And I react to that.

    I would love an interesting debate that isn’t Si dogmatically black and white about being ‘out’ but we STILL don’t have that despite Queerty claiming they are legit journalists.

    I don’t know why you can’t research before you pour your opinions.

    Look, you have an issue with person A-Matt B let’s say…

    Why wouldn’t you research what is about before giving your opinion which is so personal OR one sided? How does that make a good intellectual discussion which this site claims to try and be?!

  • Herb Hoover


  • Oh Dear (John From England)


    And why am I the nutter for not wanting to be mean about a person, when I don’t know them and they are always doing charitable work?

    And I am angry for stopping bullying on Queerty?

    Okay. That says it all. Me sticking up for people I don’t know who are being judged with no proof = me a bully.

    Ahem. Right. Sure. Okay.

  • BubbasBack

    Sorry to rain on your Bomer-parade fellas, but Bomer is a bummer in my book. He wants to have it both ways, meanwhile laughing all the way to the bank. So, guys, take off your celebrity-adulation glasses and take a reaaaaal look.

  • its simple

    Matt is living his life the way he wants to live his life, doing the best for his family. It’s simply none of our business and not ours to judge. No one tells us how to live our lives. No entertainer owes us anything other than a good performance. The validation seekers should seek validation within themselves.

  • whitney

    I see a talented young man sharing good times with his young son. That is just awesome.

    Wishing Matt much success and happiness in the futre.

  • Patamar2

    @Dan Avery: Free to be out or not? Not according to you. If he is not on the cover of People or Times shouting he is gay then you believe he is not out. The man is class all the way, look it up and learn something, but leave Bomer/Halls alone.

  • Shannon1981

    @Laura: Common knowledge outness isn’t good enough. This isn’t about bullying, it is about Matt and other ambiguously queer celebs refusing to acknowledge that they are gay,and instead choosing to be closet cases.

    As for whoever asked why gay people should announce it, but straights don’t? That’s easy. Heterosexual is the default. One is assumed to be that, so an announcement as such is unnecessary.

  • Whitney

    @Shannon1981 No matter how you look at it …”out” .. “semi-out”…the common word is “out”. Why does he need to “announce” it to people like you? No reason. Accept it and move on.

  • j.j.

    That is so right. No reason. A “default” in this situation is not good reason at all. Why is it even given as a reason? Makes no sense. Unnnnnless she wants to get into his pants and being straight, ummm the” default” , would give her a real good chance? Now I get it why its so important to know exactly where he stands sexually…duuuhhh. ha ha. Well, if you like him, like him…just. ” announce” it .. no need to go all anti-fangurl.

  • Whitney

    Now it’s your turn to be right. That’s the only reason that makes sense to why someone would want to know if one’s gay or not! Still not a good reason to make anyone announce it and be a bully about it though.

  • Donna

    Here, Simon mentioned in article, happy now?

    In his spare time, Matt admits that he wants to start a charity of his own. “I think it’s important to choose something that’s really close to your heart. It would revolve around kids. If you can give kids a chance because they are what is carrying on our legacy.” The actor shares three kids with his partner, Simon Halls.

  • divkid

    ok, but why the exasperated tone? your protection of him is admirable but it’s also misplaced.

    but to answer your question: yes, more than you’ll ever appreciate.

    by the time his kids have grown every coming out and every favourable disposition to the general matter-of-factness of it all will have incrementally formed their generations moral zeitgeist and hopefully a safer kinder more loving world.

    there is now a homophobe in some isolated community somewhere who would never have imagined liking much less admiring a homo that will have an epiphany that this is what they have been doing all along thanks to the lovely matt.

  • D

    What more do you want from him? He just thanked his beautiful family: SIMON, Kit, Walker, Henry, during his acceptance speech for the Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards, for his work for Desert Aids.
    Why don’t you write a story about that, Dan Avery?

  • CJ

    @D: That was a very nice speech – and kudos to Matt for being recognized for his work. I’m sure it still won’t be enough for some of the haters because he didn’t say the words “I’m gay.”

    True equality won’t be achieved until everyone simply accepts, no announcement needed.

  • SG

    Came here to post the same link D posted at No. 105 – of Matt publicly mentioning and thanking Simon and the rest of his family at last night’s awards. I want to see Queerty do an article on this award, Matt’s comments there, and his mentioning of his family, otherwise the site has officially given up its right to have a fucking opinion on how Matt lives his life. Either cover it properly, or don’t cover it at all.

  • Big Cheese

    OK Dan A, it’s official. Now what will Queerty think up to ride him? Oh, nothing, he was always perfect, now he is gay perfect so Queerty needs an article on this award with no snark. I know its tough to admit you are wrong but give it a try, real journalists do it all the time.

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