Gorgeous Matt Bomer Takes Son, But Not Hubby, To Super Bowl

Perusing JustJared today, we learned  that White Collar star Matt Bomer and his cute-as-a-button son, Kit, are at the Super Bowl. Paparazzo caught up with the White Collar star and kinder at the DirecTV Super Saturday Night Verizon NFL Training Ground event at Indianapolis’ Victory Field yesterday, where they happily posed for photos.

Noticeably absent from the scene was Matt’s partner, Simon Halls, with whom he’s raising Kit and brothers Henry and Walker.

Whether Halls stayed home or was eating a giant Toblerone  in their hotel suite, we’re not sure. But it does raise questions about what qualifies as being an “out” celebrity. Across the Interwebs, commenters have debated whether Bomer is openly gay: Some say he’s about as out as you can get without a People magazine cover, others claim he’s shamefully closeted, and still more say he has a right to live a private existence.

But if a celebrity is willing to drag their children into the spotlight with them, as Bomer appears to be doing at the Super Bowl, is it hypocritical to not be upfront about the other members of the family? This is hardly the first time Bomer has brought his kids into the public arena. And since Halls is a veteran Hollywood publicist, we’re sure the couple has discussed the issue at length.

So does being partially out count? We’re not sure how we stand on the issue, but any actor who puts their young child before the cameras can’t be said to be living “a private existence.”

NOTE: While it appears Halls may have be in Indianapolis with Bomer and their children, he was not included in the 20+ images from this event that were presented to the media. That in itself is telling.

Photo: Charlie Gallay/Getty Images