Gorgeous Photo Campaign Looks Past Language To Unite Gender Nonconformists

Gender nonconformity has been a hot topic lately, and transgender activist Jacob Rostovsky and photographer Dusti Cunningham are hard at work to give a face to the discussion.

Or many faces, rather.

The two have created an Indiegogo fundraising campaign called “Genderbent,” a national photo project that hopes to “showcase the beauty of those who have custom-made and bent gender to make it their own.”

Dusti takes stunningly honest portraits (see his collection of hauntingly sexy clowns for instance) that embrace the unusual, shining light on the beauty in being different. And this project is all about celebrating what unites gender nonconformists rather than labeling them into separate boxes.

“These people are parents, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters. Their professions range from students to porn stars to homemakers to comedians and executives. Some make a living entertaining as a gender other than their birth gender, others are mistaken for the opposite gender while some identify with neither. While some are more fluid, others have made permanent physical changes in creating their gender. The one tie that binds together everyone in the series is the ability to evolve and adapt,” said Dusti.

Below is a sampling of his work, but head to the Indiegogo page to learn more and donate.