Family Of Gay Man Denied Visitation Rights Sets Up Legal Defense Fund

gorley-mansellIn order to help Roger Gorley and Allen Mansell — the couple at the center of a controversy over hospital visitation rights — cover their legal fees and medical bills, Gorley’s daughter Amanda Brown has setup a legal defense fund on behalf of his family.

News of Gorley’s arrest last week after refusing to leave his partner’s side at Kansas City, Missouri’s Research Medical Center quickly turned to outrage as more details emerged regarding the incident.

Hospital workers allegedly refused to recognize Gorley’s power of attorney and he was forcibly removed from the premises following an altercation with Mansell’s brother, Lee, resulting in physical injury.

With a goal of $5000, so far the fund has raised a little over $1,800 from 39 people in the past 3 days. Brown explained the idea behind the fund to The New Civil Rights Movement:

We are going to use the money to fund Roger and Allen’s legal defense. Any money left over will be split among the LGBT organizations that have helped us during this traumatic injustice. We only want the hospital to apologize for what they did, re-educate their staff as to the proper procedure, educate their staff, including security, as to the current laws in place to protect individuals/ couples who identify within the LGBTQQIAA movement, and on a national level ensure every police department and medical establishment educates their staff as to what their regulations are and how they need to coincide with the current laws.

Research Medical Center has yet to issue an apology or admit to any wrongdoing, while federal officials have launched an investigation into the incident.

You can donate to Roger and Allen’s legal fund here.