Gossip Boys A Fightin’?

Gossip Girl actor and bushy-eyebrow sporting Chace Crawford’s popularity threatens to destroy the show, the world and, yes, even the universe:

The show’s men, Chace Crawford, Penn Badgley and Ed Westwick, are battling over screen time and general media attention.

The problem? Audiences have gone gaga for Chace. The girls and the gays alike have brought the buzz his way, thanks to smoldering good looks and boyish charm.

“Penn was supposed to be the show’s break-out star and now it is obviously Chace, and Penn doesn’t like it,” said one insider.

…Jealousy still reared its head Monday night at the Met’s Costume Institute ball.

Both Penn and Chace walked the red carpet, but it was Chace who was mobbed – and (OMG) invited to George Clooney’s after-party at Bungalow 8. To make matters worse, the king and queen of Hollywood, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, gushed all over him.

“Tom and Katie went up to Chace to say how much they love him and the show. They didn’t talk to any of the other cast members,” our spy snitched. “Penn didn’t get any love.”

Don’t worry, Penn, you’re still our favorite. Chace looks too slimy for our liking.

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  • Paul Raposo

    Isn’t that how it went with 21 Jump Street? Richard Greico was suppose to be the break out star and it ended up being Johnny Depp.

  • Redheadguy

    Chace Crawford isn’t and will never be on the same level as Johnny Depp.

  • faghag

    Chace is pretty, but he can’t act for shit.

  • Thom

    I love Penn. I would take him over Chace any day.

  • Darth Paul

    I hope SOMETHING destroys that sh!t show.

  • HL

    Ahw Penn come here. I will give you attention.

  • wondermann

    Why does this show exist…oh, it doesn’t have much time left. It’s possibly moving WB.com! Thank God!!!

  • Alan down in Florida

    Chace Crawford and Tom Cruise – now isn’t that a match made in a non-Scientology heaven?

  • LE

    Tom Cruise? Run Chase, RUN!!!

  • Insideguy

    Oprah called, Tom Cruise wants another interview to talk about how much he “loves” Chace and jump on her couch.

    All three of these guys are hot, Ed WEstwick is going to do a feature film this summer. Beat that Chace? And Penn we be moving in with my when I open my summer place in the Hamptons with eric van der Woodsen.

  • Emilie

    The audience gaga for Chace? That’s a joke right? He is only know because of Carrie Underwood and his “bisexuality” rumors.
    He can’t act and has no charisma.

    Penn is cute and is a good actor.

    BUT Ed is the only one that I see having a real movie career. He’s a very talented and hot and charismatic actor.

  • neenah

    OMG!!! chace deserves being the breakout star!!! and his a good actor..so leave him alone haters…oo plus hes way hotter than penn and ed… and its nt his fault tht hes the breakout star

  • ChaceLover

    I can’t believe Penn was thought of to be the breakout star. Geez!

    C2 is it!

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