GOSSIP: Is Madonna Into Feet? Is Sinead Still Married, Is Paula Deen A Danger To America?, And More!

Madonna gave viewers a little peek at her life post-Guy Ritchie in her much-touted interview with ABC’s Cynthia McFadden yesterday, including what it’s like dating 24-year-old Brahim Zaibat. “I go home and I wash my face and I put on my sweatpants and I lay down on the bed and I say, ‘oh, please rub my feet,’ and you know, he says, ‘no, you rub my feet.” Um, TMI much? [ABC News]

We wish we had a boyfriend we could tweet about like Warren Beatty‘s trans son, Stephen does. [Radar]

Stephen Merritt says none of the songs on Magnetic Fields’ upcoming album, Love at the Bottom of the Sea, will be longer than three minutes. That’s barely long enough for an emo boy to light his cigarette and strike a pose.

Facebook’s gay co-founder, Chris Hughes (right), might buy The New Republic. Ooh, print media—how retro! [Huffington Post]

Apparently Sinead O’Connor has fallen off the marriage bandwagon again—and she’s blaming the media: “The behaviour of one particular paper resulted in very serious damage to my husband and myself personally and consequently made the marriage untenable so that it is now over and I hope the media will kindly leave the poor man alone to get on with his life. I will never again associate myself romantically with anyone as I could not bear to see these things done again to someone I love.”  Seriously, has she been stoned this entire time? [People]

Soap-opera veteran Erika Slezak on the cancelling of One Life to Live, which aired its final episode today: “We were told the daytime audience doesn’t want entertainment anymore and that they just want information. Well, that’s the biggest load of bullshit. People always want entertainment.” Slezak was then abducted by a UFO driven by her amnesiac twin sister. [D Listed]

Paula Deen‘s got diabetes, y’all! But don’t worry, y’all—she’s gonna make millions advertising diabetes medication. All the people who followed her unhealthy recipes (deep-fried, bacon-wrapped mac ‘n’ cheese, anyone?) are still SOL. Y’all. [L.A. Times]

Still have “Like a G6” stuck in your head? Dev has released the video for her new song, “Dancing Shoes.” It’s the first single from The Night The Sun Came Up, coming March 27. Check it out below.


Photo: ABC News, Union Square Ventures, Food Network