GOSSIP: Matt Bomer Comes To Glee, Cher Loves The ’70s, and Patsy And Edina Are In Vogue, Sweetie!,

*Ryan Murphy sure is throwing not-so-out actor Matt Bomer (above) a lot of work these days: In addition to putting him in the film version of The Normal Heart, Murphy has given the White Collar star a role on Glee as Blaine’s brother.  Blaine (Darren Criss) is gay, but we have a feeling his brother won’t be. Or at least he won’t talk about it. [TVLine]

*It’s Alan Cumming‘s birthday. Happy 47th, honey! [@Alan Cumming]

*Life imitates art imitating life: Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley are appearing as AbFab’s Patsy and Edina in a spread in British Vogue []

*Tony Perkins thinks the new Star Wars multiplayer game, The Old Republic, “has gone to the Dark Side” for allowing characters to enter same-sex relationships. Ugh, where’s a light saber when you need one? [RightWingWatch]

*OMG, Cher‘s favorite things from the 1970s include chocolate cake, Aretha Franklin records, midriff tops, funky shoes and playing with Chastity (now Chaz). Aww. [Tumblr]

*Drag Race star Manila Luzon has a new video out called “Hot Couture.” Werk mama! [YouTube]


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  • Phantom

    Damn, Matt Bomer is so sexy!!!!!!

  • dvlaries

    I’m with Cher. I’ve still got my Franklin records from that time and earlier. And Cher’s own material was quite good too, and got plenty of that.

    As for Bomer, he’s so damn handsome it ought to be criminal.

  • Mike

    Love Cher, especially when I first saw her which was in the 70’s… that gorgeous
    long black hair!!!

  • corvidae

    God, if Matt Bomer and Darren Criss are in the same place glee fans will explode with … glee.

    Also, loving Manila’s video, it’s cool, where can I buy it?

  • Deleano

    Bomer is perfection.

  • MikeE

    @corvidae: it’s called “ectoplasm”….

  • Richard L

    @David Ehrenstein: Why are you obsessed with Matt, is it his perfection that bothers you? Maybe you can get your friend Lily Tomlin to come out. You didnt comment on her life long closet status in your comment on her birthday post. No double standards please!

  • David

    Matt Bomer is a closet queen and a total coward. He’s not sexy, hot, or cute.

  • Deleano

    @David: And David, I mean Doug, apparently owns a guide dog – LOL

  • Marcus

    @Richard L:
    Lily already came out…she’s talked about it on numerous shows, even on Kathy Griffin’s show.

  • Tony

    Jeezus, leave Matt Bomer alone. I’m female. I started watching White Collar a few years ago because I thought Matt Bomer was fuck hot. I found out Matt is gay. Now I think Matt Bomer is adorable, but I no longer want to fuck him. The network wants me to want to fuck him. This is why he can’t come out. Leave him alone.

  • Lilly

    Matt Bomer IS hot, sexy, cute, nice, talented, etc. He’s in a happy relationship, have a beautiful family, and enjoying his success. I am glad all these good things are happening to him and I just wish him continual success and long lasting happiness. I love, love, love you the way you are, gorgeous!

  • Patamar2

    @David: @David: Kindly get over yourself & your one sided view on being ‘out’. Matt has always been out and never denied who he is. It’s people like you who don’t get it: Matt, brand new to the world of lead in a TV show is suppose to make you happy and come out at the very beginning, lose his job and his future because he is not on the cover of People screaming ” I’m here, I’m queer, get over it”.
    You are a sad thing!

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