GOSSIP: Matt Bomer Comes To Glee, Cher Loves The ’70s, and Patsy And Edina Are In Vogue, Sweetie!,

*Ryan Murphy sure is throwing not-so-out actor Matt Bomer (above) a lot of work these days: In addition to putting him in the film version of The Normal Heart, Murphy has given the White Collar star a role on Glee as Blaine’s brother.  Blaine (Darren Criss) is gay, but we have a feeling his brother won’t be. Or at least he won’t talk about it. [TVLine]

*It’s Alan Cumming‘s birthday. Happy 47th, honey! [@Alan Cumming]

*Life imitates art imitating life: Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley are appearing as AbFab’s Patsy and Edina in a spread in British Vogue []

*Tony Perkins thinks the new Star Wars multiplayer game, The Old Republic, “has gone to the Dark Side” for allowing characters to enter same-sex relationships. Ugh, where’s a light saber when you need one? [RightWingWatch]

*OMG, Cher‘s favorite things from the 1970s include chocolate cake, Aretha Franklin records, midriff tops, funky shoes and playing with Chastity (now Chaz). Aww. [Tumblr]

*Drag Race star Manila Luzon has a new video out called “Hot Couture.” Werk mama! [YouTube]