Miss End Goal

Gotham Knights Charge Into History

NYC’s mostly homo rugby team broke new athletic ground last month when they made the finals at the Met New York Rugby Football Union. The first gay team to complete such a feat, Gotham Knights beat the pants off a team called Old Maroon, but failed to do the same against Montclair’s line-up. The final score came in at a depressing 41-3.

Despite the tragic loss, the team’s poised to break more boundaries. Says team president Alex Fallis:

We will play South Buffalo in April in the Territorial Playoffs, the first round of the USA Rugby playoffs. This will be the first time a predominantly gay team in the U.S. has advanced to the Territorial Playoffs.

Fallis and his phallus-loving team will first host November 9th’s East Coast Rugby Invitational, a gay gathering on Randall’s Island. We’re cheering for the pink team…

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  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    On our Canadian cable gay channel was a programme about a new Rugby team composed of one straight token member :)

    All I know is kudos to the team….and good luck….Rugby players have leather balls….bullocks to the rest, but it plays better in the other context.

    So, I hope they win and our team get their bullocks and make ear rings out of them.

    Go Knights and their Ladies.

  • Sean

    Gotham isn’t the first gay eam to do this well in a competition. The Syndey Convicts won a tournament in Australia making them the first gay rugby team to win a non-IGRAB competition. Alex is just blowing smoke up everyone’s arse as usual to make himself look good. The real mystery is what happened after they hosted the Bingham Cup because I don’t think they released financials. I emailed the guy who led the efforts to put it together a couple of months after it to ask and he said that he was no longer involved with the tournament or the club and had been relieved of his duties. He wouldn’t go further than that but it does make you wonder.

  • Rugger

    Sean what a beautiful comment, sure it makes you feel great. Also I am sure the Sydney Convicts will be proud that you say they have advanced to Territorial playoffs in the US.

  • Mike

    Hey Sean guess what YOUR A DOOOSHBAG!!

  • Not Sean

    “Sean” is a person well-known in gay rugby circles as a misanthrope, a malcontent and often a maelstrom. It’s a pity people feel the need to denigrate the hard work and commitment of so many others, but that’s life sometimes.

  • Johnnie R

    Malcontent! Misanthrope! Maelstrom! I love alliteration! As Not Sean said, it doesn’t matter how hard you work or how much effort you put into something in order to be a success, someone’s always going to want to set you back on your ass to make themselves look or feel better.

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