New Hampshire

Gov. John Lynch’s Phone Is Ringing, But He’s Not Listening


All those phone calls to New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch you’ve been urged to make? He’s aware, but they won’t affect his decision.

“The phone lines are basically jammed,” the governor says. “People can’t even get through.” But: “I’m not going to be guided by the number of calls that come into my office. Ultimately, my decision will be guided by what I think will be best for the people of New Hampshire.”

Lynch, who supports civil unions but previously said “marriage” is for heteros, has five days to either veto the same-sex marriage bill, sign it, or “ignore” it, in which case it becomes law, usually 90 days after the legislative session adjourns, which is sometime in June. (Signature drives to put the matter in front of voters is expected no matter the turnout, meaning the law could be tabled till at least November.)

But now that both state legislative houses have decided marriage equality is the right thing for the state? “I certainly have my own personal beliefs, which I have articulated in the past,” Lynch said yesterday. “And I have a responsibility as governor to do what I think is best for the people of New Hampshire. I will continue to talk with the Legislature and with the people of New Hampshire about that bill.”