Gov. Paterson Won’t Let NY Senators Leave Without a Marriage Vote


After weeks ago demanding New York legislators put same-sex marriage to a vote, Gov. David Paterson opted to make restoring order to the Senate his top goal with a special session he called on Tuesday. Announcing the move on Sunday, his administration wouldn’t confirm whether getting everyone to vote on same-sex marriage would also be a priority. Now, Paterson says it is.

After this month’s political circus that left both Dems and Repubs claiming leadership in the Senate, and given today is the Senate’s last day of a regular session before its summer break, what’s Paterson’s plan if he can’t get the senators to cooperate? He’ll get badass:

“If the senators do not cooperate with this order, I will convene a special session every day until they do,” the governor said at the news conference. “That includes Saturdays and Sundays. That includes July 4. There will be no excuses.”

[…] The governor said Sunday night that he was dismayed by the outcry from gay rights advocates and decided he needed to clarify his intentions.

“I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize it,” he said of the legislation. “But I think, because of the activity that went on today, I am forced to reveal my true intentions, even though the advocates knew them already.”

And getting the senators to agree on who’s in control is not just a same-sex marriage issue, but a matter for all New Yorkers:

The governor said that the special session will focus on routine but urgent legislation that local governments depend upon, like bills to extend local sales taxes or allow bond issuance. His staff said he would also include legislation to extend mayoral control over New York City’s schools in the list of bills he submits to the Senate.