Government’s Latest Tribute To Harvey Milk Unveiled

harvey milk stampEverybody drop what you’re doing! There’s a new stamp to collect!

The Post Office, which is where elderly people go to practice standing for long periods of time, just unveiled a new Harvey Milk stamp.

Harvey’s smiling in the image, with a rainbow stripe up in the corner. You can get them at selected locations starting on May 22, which is Harvey Milk Day. That’s a nice touch.

San Franciscans are pushing the Post Office to hold a special ceremony in San Francisco. That would be swell, but would you attend something like that? We kind of suspect that most folks are not in the habit of attending stamp-issuing ceremonies. Then again, we’ll do anything for queer history.

The stamps are suitable for collecting or placing on envelopes, if you are a visitor from the past or have been lulled to sleep by a magic spell for the last few decades.

This is probably the first stamp to directly acknowledge its subject’s queerness. But other LGBTs have appeared on stamps in the past. Slate runs down a few of the past figures: Walt Whitman, Andy Warhol, Cole Porter, Isadora Duncan and Frida Kahlo.

We’re still waiting for the day when Divine is honored.