GQ Apologizes For Suggesting Adam Lambert Has “Testosterone Problem”

Men’s magazine GQ stuck its foot in some social-media doggie doo yesterday when it tweeted a homophobic comment about a photo of gay pop star Adam Lambert: “Rules of Street Style: If you have testosterone problems, a mustache doesn’t always help.”

Once it caught wind of the tacky tweet, GLAAD called on its Twitter followers to remind GQ that being gay is not a testosterone problem. (Um, duh—Lambert looks ridiculous but it’s not because of a hormone imbalance.)

Editors at the mag quickly took the offending item down and apologized, tweeting: “Re: our Lambert tweet, we were thoughtless and apologize. We shouldn’t make stupid jokes about people’s testosterone. As always, we learn.”

Rule #1: Never let the intern run your Twitter feed.


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  • New York

    Please….. If ONLY every guy had the Testosterone problems Adam Lambert has.
    THE most gorgeous sexiest man on earth !!!!!!!!!
    and GQ needs to stop the jealous homophobic tweeting. To send that tweet to
    Adam with the intent to hurt him was pathetic and the tweeter needs
    to be put on leave or let go. It’s not the first time they’ve said things about Adam.
    It’s just this time they went too far.
    GQ.. IN YOUR DREAMS you should ever be 1/100th of the man Adam Lambert is.

  • New York

    Oh yeah..
    What a lame, sarcastic apology they attempted. As insincere as you could
    possibly get and not even tweeted to Adam.
    The “Apology” only added insult to their gay slur. The half attempt to even pretend
    to say they were sorry, was patronizing and showed their true colors once again.

  • mp

    Wow douche alert at GQ. Adam’s facial hair in that pic is lulzy and he’d probably be the first to poke fun at his own glam pirate look. But GQ crossed a line using an outdated and false stereotype that perpetuates ignorance as a “joke.” Followed by a hilariously limp and insincere apology. Shocker.

  • JayKay

    He dresses like Elvis’s gay goth brother, walks around with more make-up plastered on than Liza Minelli going as Tammy-Faye Baker for Halloween, and he sings like a gremlin with it’s testicles in a meat grinder. He’s clearly got some kinda problem.

  • John

    Who on earth thinks this guys hot? The same people who put Clay on the top of the charts?

  • Kev C

    Real men don’t apologize. GQ is for sissies.

  • Mr.BoPeep

    His stylist should be fired. As should the person who did not pay off the photographer to hide that shot.

    Nobody.. NOBODY should leave home looking like the forgotten lovE child of George Michael and Prince.

  • Dave Lara

    @Mr.BoPeep: OMG, That last one is funnnny!

  • imrahd

    @ John,@Kev,@ Dave,for your information, a real man doesn’t have to name call and put others down to make them self feel manly, May be you should look into that.

  • Dave Lara

    @imrahd: I know. But it’s still funny.

  • queertypie

    Siri: How can I help you?
    Queertypie: Can you find me a men’s fashion magazine that is irrelevant and homo-insensitive?
    Siri: Ok, I’m searching the Internet.
    Siri: Ok, here you are…

  • Kev C

    @imrahd: Haha, thanks for reminding me I’m a fucking fag.

  • Donny

    Nope. Never been an Adam Lambert fan. They can be as homophobic to Adam Lambert as they want to be.

  • joeyjoey73

    If you google “Harold Gloocker,” you’ll get a pretty good idea of what Mr. Lambert in 15 years, if he doesn’t kick whatever stylist he’s using to the curb.

  • Drake

    Lambert looks like a Drag King in this photo.

  • phallus

    JJ73, I almost pissed myself laughing so hard! Alan Lambert is a drag queen.

  • Franco

    Lambert always looks ridiculous. He tries way too hard to be relevant.

  • iDavid

    His look is artsy and intended from the artist he is. And “I’m wondering” when he will pull another fabulous stunt continuing to further gay rights and be as he always has been, one of the best bravest gay rights activists of our day. He deserves nothing less than pure praise.

  • DavyJones

    Hmm… When talking about style, I don’t think discussing a ‘testosterone deficiency’ is really a homophobic remark, regardless of if the person is gay… It’s a descriptor of a particular aesthetic; now in Lambert’s defense, it’s probably not an aesthetic he’s shooting for, but that makes their remark wrong, not homophobic…

  • jason

    I don’t know, I think our dear Adam has morphed into the gay village’s version of Dave Navarro.

  • Jeff

    If you think Adam Lambert is somehow sexy you’ve got horrible taste in men. GQ is correct he’s a queen/femmey and probably does have low T.

  • DB

    That person looks like a grotesque freak who does have testosterone problems (or estrogen problems if it’s a girl).

  • KonichiwaChina

    No one seemed to think that the “testosterone” comment had more to do with Adam appearing Feminine, NOT his sexuality. Most men (that have that typical manly appearance) make the exact/similar comments to men who don’t fit their build (ex. Bill Kaulitz before 2011).


    @Jeff: Well SOME people may have horrible taste in men but as they say, “Beauty is in the eye the beholder.” Granted, I feel his pirate look is a bit meh. His new current look has less makeup but I like Glamnation look better. I love that blend of femminine and musculine. He pulls of quite nicely I might add.

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