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Grandma Is Pissed Grandkids Were Placed In Foster Care of ‘Transvestite’ Couple

“It’s not right,” says the unidentified Australian grandmother who’s furious to see her 4-year-old grandson and 12-year-old granddaughter removed from her daughter’s home and placed in the care of a gay male couple in Queensland. “I can’t understand it at all. I was really upset. It has split our family even further.” So she complained to a sympathetic social worker, and eventually claimed custody of her grandson, while her granddaughter was placed back in the care of the girls’ mother. Why are we talking about this now? because the case came up in Queensland’s Parliemant on Monday, when legislator Rob Messenger asked Child Safety Minister Phil Reeves “if he was aware the state had entrusted children to a transvestite,” reports The Courier Mail. Reeves replied: “It is a sad fact that in Queensland 7800 children are not able to live at home because they would not be safe there. The reality is that in Queensland we need more foster carers. We need more people to put up their hands to offer care to children. I would like to thank each and every one of our foster and kinship carers who have gone the extra mile to help our children.” Besides, imagine that vanity full of make-up for the tweenage girl to play with.