Grandsons Gone Wilde

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde’s only grandson, Merlin Holland (would it kill the family to name their children John or Mike?) has made it his life’s work to research his witty homo grandfather. Merlin (no he isn’t gay, he’s a het) is standing up for his grandfather’s kind. Holland has his panties in a bunch over a recent Russian newscast.

Holland is particularly angry over a Moscow TV station running an “overtly homophobic” report. It “quite clearly intended to convince the Russian public that homosexuality is the affliction of a depraved and decadent minority in Western Europe,” Holland wrote in the letter, a copy of which was obtained by the news agency.

You know we always love it when our straight supporters come to our aid. Even more so when they’re lineage is that of a famous witty queer. But maybe Holland is just lobbying for a prestigious spot as a LGBT straight ally on this year’ s Out 100 list. Either way Oscar would be proud and probably have something clever to add. Which we do not.

Oscar Wilde’s grandson calls on Putin to protect gay rights [The Advocate]