Self-Loving, Gay-Hating Pastor Grant Storms Convicted Of Obscenity For Public Masturbation

The Rev. Grant Storms, famous for protesting New Orleans’ annual gay festival, Southern Decadence, and infamous for protesting common decency by masturbating in Lafreniere Park last year, has been convicted of obscenity and sentenced to three years probation.

The pastor had previously extolled the virtues of public penile pumping, calling it a “thrill” shortly after the arrest. Storms was also under suspicion of pedophilia as he was going at it with children nearby, but after police searched his computer and phone for child pornography, they came up…empty-handed.

Judge Ross LaDart did order Storms to be psychologically-evaluated, though, as he had masturbated three times in the same park the week of his arrest last February. So for Storms, we guess it’s safe to say that the “thrill” is gone.

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  • Neo

    Yet another gay hating nutter into kids. Sad.

  • Cam

    These religious nuts, who are SO obsessed with gays and the type of sex we have, all seem to turn out to be either closet cases or heterosexual perverts. Makes sense, they are WAAAAAYYYYY more obsessed with gay sex than any gay people I’ve met.

    Remember, if you are crazy homophobic, we all know you’re a closet case or a heterosexual pervert. Real heterosexuals just don’t care that much about us you bigots.

  • FunMe

    We really need a Hall of Shame for the MANY pastors who are so anti-gay that they eventually are discovered to be gay or simply sexual deviants.

    Let’s get the list and keep bringing it out every time these stupid homophobes continue with their hate which is really self-hate.

  • NormdePlume

    I love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning

  • EdWoody

    You’ve just gotta love this stuff, haven’t you?

    Although my favourite was the recent one about the Catholic priest chasing the 12-year-old boy down the street at night in his underwear. That’s just genius, that. And his excuse was, “I was too drunk to know what I was doing.” Like that’s any better. Brilliant!


    Ho no! not another fucking Christian, loose his dickhead for a man.

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