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  • Bipolar Bear

    Have seen this list shared about but you can’t beat a well-designed infographic :-)

  • beaver

    religion is made up bullshit and the more people realize that the better society will be.

  • Jeff

    What’s funny is if I showed this to a homophobe who doesn’t understand sarcasm, they’ll be like: “Mmm.. mm.. yeah, see, gay marriage is wrong.”

  • Brett

    Unfortunately, Jeff, you are spot on. That’s why I don’t find it very amusing at all.

  • Aussie Col

    Yep, would love to share this but it’s too intelligent to share with the haters; they won’t see the joke is on them.

  • Walter

    this doesn’t change the fact that marriage is between a man and a woman. Why not support polygamy or adult close relative marriages? if not that makes the gay community hypocrites

  • Belize

    @Jeff: “a homophobe who doesn’t understand sarcasm”

    Are you actually suggesting that there is a homophobe out there that’s at the very least smart enough to know what sarcasm is? News to me.

  • Belize

    @Walter: A “fact” based on ideologies that were never the foundation of marriage to begin with.

    “Why not support polygamy or adult close relative marriages?”

    LOL. Someone is obviously from the deep deep South. ‘Nough said.

  • Belize

    @beaver: That bullshit makes a lot of shitheads feel good about themselves at the expense of others. Clearly, that alone should explain as to why it remains alive and well.

  • Um....

    I don’t see why polygamy should be a problem. Hell, it wasn’t for loads of people in the bible to which these thumpers cling to so adamantly. So, where did this one woman, one man thing come from?

  • Geone456

    I like everything except the first point; it almost implies that since eyeglasses and contraception are not natural but accepted, homosexuality should be accepted even though it’s not natural.

    A better argument would’ve been to point out homosexuality in the animal kingdom.

  • Myles MacLean

    I like it and some of the haters only pretend to be thick.
    They will get it in the end.
    Thank you Queerty.

  • benjamin

    well i personally agree with slavery and i like to look at the world from the view that the world is full of fucked up people so let the muslims kill each other and the africans starve if you cant afford to feed kids then dont have them some countries in this world the people are just savages

  • Alexi3

    @Um….: Because those who believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible pick and choose which literal societial norms it is okay to change. It has a name; relative hypocracy.

  • Bomo Queebo

    href=”#comment-625644″>benjamin: you shouldn’t let your mom masturbate you any more –

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