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Grassroots Gays’ DADT Battle: As GetEQUAL Demands Senate Pass Repeal, OutServe + Knights Out Drop Out

The GetEQUALizers are in a Don’t Ask Don’t Tell fervor this week, kicking things off this morning at the grave of homosexual Vietnam War vet Sgt. Leonard Matlovich. Then they went to Sen. Harry Reid’s office to see what his waiting room looks like. Something about getting the Senate majority leader to bring DADT repeal to a vote by keeping it attached to the 2011 National Defense Authorization Act? Funny, because some fellow grassroots gays have abandoned that strategy.

OutServe (for active duty gay troops) and Knights Out (for openly gay West Point types that Dan Choi, who’s working with GetEQUAL today, was a part of when he came out) are announcing today they want Congress to pass the budget bill “whether or not the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is included,” though the groups “will continue to fight for our integrity as gay and lesbian service members and we hope that legislative action in Congress can be taken in 2010 to lift the ban.” The Palm Center also issued a statement supporting this strategy.

So that sounds like it not the same goal at all! This is going to be a blast.

UPDATE: Now the GetEQUALizers have chained themselves to the White House fence, like old times!

UPDATE: And now they’re arrested. Like old times!