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Gravel Blasts HRC

Mike Gravel may not be a front runner for the democratic presidential nomination, but he’s sure as hell the most outspoken of the candidates. Could it be his opinionated ways that led HRC to snub him for their gay debates?

Gravel certainly thinks so:

…I think the real reason why HRC didn’t invite me is that I’m too vocal in my advocacy of gay rights. None of the top tier candidates would have been comfortable facing an opponent who consistently points out their refusal to embrace true equality for gays and lesbians. HRC simply bowed to the star factor. It’s just a shame that this travesty was perpetrated in the name of the LGBT community.

It is a shame, Gravel, but hardly surprising.

HRC’s made a name for itself by kissing high profile ass for press and throwing undesirables – anyone who isn’t white, rich and nominally recognizable – to the curb.

Gravel goes on to insist that he’s still going to fight the good fight for gay rights, with or without HRC. Of course, it may not be too late to get Gravel on stage with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Readers can always make donations to Gravel in the hopes that HRC will change its classist ways. Maximum donation is $2300.

HRC, meanwhile justified their actions by saying they were forced to make tough decision in the name of “productivity”:

Knowing this event is the only forum that will be devoted solely to questions about GLBT issues, we put a lot of thought into how we can maximize the response time from the candidates who could win their party’s nomination. We really want to do the best thing for the community and make this forum as productive as possible.

That’s why Melissa Ethridge will be moderating – she a political whiz. And Joe Solmonese – really productive. What was HRC’s last win, again?