'Tells' It Like It Is

Gravel Digs Into Hillary

Democratic presidential candidate Mike Gravel‘s not done digging into Senator Hillary Clinton over her denunciation of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. The former Alaska Alaskan Senator – who described President Clinton as a “wimp” for his discriminatory military policy – has posted an extensive critique on Huffington Post. The thrust of Gravel’s piece revolves around Senator Clinton’s description of Don’t Ask a transitory policy, a statement Gravel considers a grave mistake:

Don’t Ask’ has not been a benign “transition policy” as she claims. It was a cowardly political calculation that reaffirmed the military’s unjust discharge policies and resulted in the dismissal of 10,870 dedicated service people since 1993. Discharges for homosexuality actually increased under ‘Don’t Ask’ and cost taxpayers more than a quarter of a billion dollars. How can Hillary complain about the recent discharge of 55 Arab language specialists under ‘Don’t Ask’ and not admit that the policy is a terrible mistake?

The gay loving loving Gravel goes on to promise a full presidential apology for the 100,000 gay men and women discharged under Don’t Ask. If he’s elected president, that is…