An Exclusive Letter From The Presidential (Very) Hopeful

Gravel Still Fighting For The Gays

Mike Gravel’s not going down without a fight!

The former Alaska governor, who this week jumped from Democratic party to the Libertarians, sent us an exclusive letter pledging to fight for gay marriage. The issue, he says, has been ignored during this campaign, an absence he blames on both corporate media and his former colleagues in the Democratic party.

Read what adorable Gravel wrote, after the jump…

This week I dropped out of the Democratic Party and announced that I am now running for president under the Libertarian Party. Over the past year, I tried to convince the Democratic Party to join the fight for marriage equality. I told audiences throughout the country that as long as our government deprives gays and lesbians of full rights, including the right to marry, we are guilty of relegating millions of our fellow Americans to second-class citizenship.

On gay marriage, there’s no difference between the presumptive Republican and Democratic nominees. Neither of them believes you are worthy of equal rights. This disgusts me and it should disgust you.

Throughout my campaign, the LGBT community has been my greatest ally (especially Queerty!). When HRC refused to invite me to their gay issues debate, you barraged their offices with phone calls and emails until they caved. You stood up for me and I stood up for you by challenging my opponents to grow up and embrace gay marriage.

Did you notice that after the corporate media dumped me from the debates, gay marriage ceased being a major issue? As a third party candidate I’ll make sure marriage equality moves back into the national spotlight. My battle against homophobia in the Democratic Party may be over, but my fight for your rights has only just begun.

Senator Mike Gravel

For more on Gravel’s renegade campaign, check out his website.