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Great Not To Be Straight: Dating In The Dark Shows Off Superficial Hetero Guys

I keep telling everyone here that we need to start a new feature called “Great Not To Be Straight,” because there are so many examples of straight people doing horrendous things and, hey, isn’t it high time we demonize them? (Kidding. Mostly.) Not that us lesbians and gays and bis and trans and Qs and YR&**xs (I just made that one up) are immune to being jerks, but sometimes it’s refreshing to see heterosexuals engage in such repulsive behavior, it makes me stop and think, “And we’re the degenerates?” So let’s meet Dating In The Dark‘s Joey.

[flv: 650 400]

Gawker has full clips from the show, where contestants go on dates sans light, for a whole new innovative twist on reality show dating. But it also sets up Joey’s ability to size up a girl based on what she looks like, ’cause he don’t like no fatties.

Congratulations, straight America: This one’s on you.

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