Greek Govt. Fighting Gay Nups

Gay activists are all worked up over in Greece.

Dozens of men and women gathered outside Parliament in Athens yesterday to protest conservative politico’s push against gay marriage there. The brouhaha began last June when a lesbian couple used a legal loophole to secure their same-sex nuptials.

Right-wing leaders balked at the idea and the Justice Ministry filed a lawsuit to overturn the blessed union.

The Justice Ministry has filed a legal suit to overturn the union of one gay and one lesbian couple after they took advantage of a loophole in Greek civil law that fails to specify gender in matrimony.

“We are here because we want equality,” said Christina Neofotistou, 28, a designer. “These marriages were the first step, but this government wants to cancel it: instead they should be doing something for us.”

The marriages drew strong criticism from the powerful Orthodox Church, which officially represents more than 90 percent of the 11 million-strong population.

While many European countries have established legislation recognising gay marriage or same-sex partnerships, Greece’s traditional society has preferred to turn a blind eye to homosexuality.

That’s odd, especially considering men in ancient Greece were all about the cock. And, of course, the nation’s European Union membership, which is meant to require uniform equality. Not that such things mean much…